Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mimi the 10 year old pole dancer stuns the crowd at Miss Pole Dance UK Amateurs & Semi professional championships

10 year old Mimi, performed her gymnastic routine on and around two vertical bars to wow the crowd once again.
Pole Dancing Mimi yet again stunned the adult audience of men and women at the recent Miss Pole Dance UK amateur and Semi professional championships in Felbridge East Grinstead, during her 3 and a half minute performance

Mini and her mum, joined by Mimi's brother and father, performed in front of an appreciative audience on 28th June 2015.  She combined her flips, tumbles, back bends and cartwheels on and around the poles to her chosen piece of music. One day Mimi would like to be considered for the pole olympics, who knows she could be the next youth World Champion too

Email: events@passion-fitness.com


Jason Moorrey said...

Unbelievable! I am amazed to see that how can someone perform these moves at this age.
pole dance
is not something which is easy, it needs more strength and knowledge to perform the perfect moves. Your post inspired me a lot, I will try this soon.

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