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Nadia Budurusi, Pioneering Pole Fitness in Romania connecting with Pole Passion UK

Nadia Budurusi – Leading and Pioneering Pole fitness in Romania

Nadia nervously opens her very first pole fitness school in Romania, worried that only her and her mother may attend

Having just completed the European Pole Sport and Fitness accreditation from Europe’s leading Pole Fitness and Pole Sport training provider Pole Passion – Nadia sets to change public perception in Romania

Nadia is the pioneer in Romania and was inspired by Kay Penney a leading pioneer in Europe for Pole Fitness. Kay also the founder of Pole Passion UK leading pole fitness sport and dance training provider approved by REP’s (Register Of Exercise Professionals), Miss Pole Dance UK – UK’s leading amateur and professional championships and owner and founder and Chairperson of World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships  - World Pole Dance the first World championships dedicated to the artistic interpretations of Pole Art and Dance

Nadia opened her first studio under the business guidance of Pole Passion at the beginning of July 2015 and is proud to network with Kay and her international team.   Nadia joined Pole Passion in the UK firstly in February 2015 and then she joined them again on their annual Pole Passion camp, which was hosted in Budapest at the Dollhouse Pole Fitness studio, in May. In 2009,  Kay also inspired  to promote and grow Pole fitness in Budapest Hungary with owner Alma Pirner, who also met Kay at the Instructor Training Certifications in the UK.

Nadia explains how difficult it is for her to promote and advertise her pole fitness lessons and states she feels so alone. She promoted to the University and at the metro as the national media was not interested

I interviewed Nadia who was currently working in her family circus

Nadia states she had lost motivation in the Circus  after a serious knee injury, then the birth of her daughter – she saw her friends playing around the pole and immediately loved what she saw, so she begun to search on the internet for more instruction. That’s when she said she found Pole Passion.

What was the biggest challenge when learning Pole – After a 5 year break having a baby and surgery on my injured knee the challenge was everything – from strength to pole technique. I realised I had lost everything, my flexibility , strength and motivation

What is your back ground – since the age of 5 years I have been a gymnast. My specialism was the straps with my brother and in 2001 we won awards in Montreal – in 2009 I started a circus school with my parents and brother and this year (2015) finally it will be accredited, which we are very happy and proud for this

Why do you think pole is so popular all over the world – the challenge on the pole is so vast and with it being such a spectator sport there is always something new to learn and challenge yourself with

What does Pole dancing mean in your life now – It’s a way of life and brings a whole new meaning to it. I don’t imagine my life without a pole, I love it, My mother loves it, my students from the circus love  it  – you can bring it home and you can redecorate your house so therefore it is really fantastic

What is the difference between pole dance / pole sport / and pole fitness
For me there are many differences – first must come the pole fitness, learning the moves, tricks and techniques,  then you must introduce the dance, the choreography linking the moves together and then if you are really really good you can then introduce the sport of an athlete or gymnast. The rules are more comprehensive in the Pole Sport, but for me I personally love the pole dance where I can express myself with the art and flow of the choreography and make a show

How do you see pole dancing in the future – I believe the people in Romania will go shopping for poles, pole will be in every household – I am currently redecorating my home to incorporate a pole in my living room. My friends will come and try it and I know they will like it.

Do you think it will be popular for the men in Romania too – Yes I am very sure they will want to prove they are strong and flexible. Pole can be done in so many different styles this is why it is for everybody, so yes pole will be popular for men too

Do you think this is just a fashion or will it last longer – To work on the pole it is a challenge, you constantly want to go to the next level – it’s not a fashion it is a sport it will last a long time

Tell me more about the opinion in Romania from the people - Well first of all I talk about pole fitness and pole dance – not the striptease   I have to fight about explaining about the beauty of pole fitness – this is not a joke we are about 20 years behind most of Europe and the UK – the pole gives you freedom, if you want to wears shoes you can – it is fantastic and the best way to be free – I use the words pole fitness so the public are not going to be scared !

I am so happy that I found Pole Passion and will continue to work along side them to support and educate the people of Romania

July 4th 2015
Kay Penney – Pole Passion Ltd

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