Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pole Dancer, Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, Pole Sport - what's the difference?

So I asked a few people in the Pole Industry
What is the difference to you, between Pole Fitness, Pole Dance & Pole Sport

BECKY MacPherson – PolePassion Oxted

Pole Fitness- I see pole fitness as a series of spins, tricks and transitions on and around the pole to build strength, co-ordination, flexibility and balance.

Pole Dance - Pole dance to me is about linking all the moves fluidly in a routine, incorporating more poses and floor work and done to music. Pole dance can be done to any type off music and incorporate other styles of dance, Pole dance is very individual and a great way of expressing your emotions.

Pole Sport - I've never really thought what pole sport means to me. I'd say it's more the competitive side of pole, individuals train to compete rather than as a hobby/fitness.

KARLA McCarthy – Pole Passion Chichester

For me pole dance is more about the artistry of pole. Dance styles around the pole maybe incorporating more flow than tricks.
Pole fitness is about learning something more gymnastic based and pole sport is the competitive edge of pole.
People who compete for titles do pole sport for example. However, I do consider pole fitness a sport too just not done at a competitive level.
It is accessible to all.

LUIS John – Pole Passion Brighton

I believe the difference between pole sport, pole dancing and pole fitness is the way in which I may relay my interest to another person to buffer for any stigmatism that may unfortunately still be attached to everything pole.

Of course, pole is becoming a lot more widely accepted now thanks to the likes of strong individuals setting pace and media platforms showcasing their amazing talents. But, we all still carry some hesitant back foot, get out of jail card excuse when someone asks why pole?!
Yes, to get fit, to increase self confidence and well being and of course for the fun factor!
I do it because I can! Being a young heterosexual male I wouldn't describe my interest as pole dancing but pole fitness because I don't appreciate the remarks I get when ill-educated people, jump on the same stereotypical train that's been doing it's rounds for years and will continuously do so for many more.
A recent picture seen on one of my social media sites sparked a colleague of mine to make a remark not so long ago.
This colleague is a gym going, masculine man carrying out a job which requires him to be intimidating and forceful, which he does very well. When referring to a recent picture of mine in a shoulder mount he asks questions along the lines of... "Are you gay?" "Isn't that for girls?" "Why would you?"...
I simply answered
 "because I CAN"

Who cares what sexuality you are?!
What you do for a living?!
Who cares what anyone else thinks?!
Pole doesn't!

Nadia – Romania

For me pole fitness must come first – learning the tricks and moves then must follow the dance
Pole Dance a set of moves tricks spins all set to music to create a performance then if the student wishes they can then compete in the pole sport
For me the pole dance is more artistic and a way to express yourself and tell your story with the help of the music.

Pole Fitness – moves, tricks, spins, transitions, poses incorporating floor work stretch flexibility coordination balance poise grace beauty, confidence empowerment fitness and fun

Pole Dance is all the above incorporating cardio vascular and aerobic sequences, set to music to create a choreographed well-rehearsed routine and is usually done in front of an audience

Pole Sport –is a competitive genre of pole dance, usually with strict rules and regulations attached to it. Pole sport can be demonstrated in many ways depending on the rules of the event

Pole Dance, Fitness and Sport all originated from the exotic dancers of gentleman’s clubs as many of the pioneers around the world originated from their adapting and transforming the new moves of today.

First came the Pole Dance (Pole Passion 2001), then the pole fitness (Pole Passion 2006 REP’s Accredited Instructor Training ) then the pole sport (World Pole Sport & Fitness 2009)

UK Pole Pioneers since 2001
Founder Kay Penney


Jason Moorrey said...

All the definitions are related with each other just like
pole dance
and pole fitness that fitness comes with pole dance as well. Every definition has its own significance and value. Its not necessary to do particular moves for the fitness.

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