Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Qualities of a National Judge - Miss Pole Dance UK | World Pole Dance Sport & Fitness 2015

Organisers and competitors require competent & loyal judges
So what makes a good pole competition judge?

Integrity – honest, upright and committed to the positive image and rules of Pole Dance and Fitness

Professional competence 
Ethical to fellow workers, audiences, contestants and sponsors
A sound understanding of health & safety on and around the Pole 
Abiding by the Code of Pole Practice 2008
Keen intellect 
Extensive pole knowledge
Fair and constructive
Clear & quick analyser & thinker
Concise & clear writer
Good understanding of English (written and spoken)

Judicial temperament 
Respectful – including all social media ( no swearing)
Strong communicator
100% reliable
Team player

Strong record of professional sport, fitness, dance & pole excellence 
Knowledgeable and educated about Pole techniques and or choreography and or performing
An Understanding of the pressures, mentally & physically of the competitors when performing & competing
   Health and fitness back ground and a good understanding of the bio mechanics of the body around the   pole and floor work
Commitment to the pole community of none less than 2 years
Passionate about promoting & representing pole competitions  and the pole industry, how so ever represented in a positive and professional manner at all times
One who takes the position seriously and researches the competition rules they are representing 
Understanding the sacrifices of the contestant will make financially, professionally and personally
Well respected by their peers and in their pole dance community
It is inappropriate to comment on any issue which may be considered personal or political

Apply now if you would like to be considered as a National Miss Pole Dance UK judge
Email us on  - events@passion-fitness.com

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