Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Why would you recommend the challenge of pole sport fitness and dance to everyone ?

Kay Penney Founder Pole Passion | Miss Pole Dance UK | World Pole Dance

- For me pole sport and fitness incorporates many positive elements, mentally and physically, to support the demands of physical progressive training, to maintain and progress physical fitness in a fun and empowering way
Pole also has a massive, positive social element to it also, creating a supportive environment for many to reach, maintain and progress physical training despite different backgrounds, religious cultures and beliefs. You can structure pole in so many ways to support all who wish to do it and make it as physically demanding as you wish.
It helps build confidence too, which you can incorporate in to all other areas of your life too

Karen Davis Pole Passion  Banstead

- There are many levels to Pole which is what makes it suitable for everyone regardless of age, body shape and fitness level. Pole is hard but the sense of achievement you get from mastering a new move makes you feel amazing, whether it's just sitting on the pole or a crazy inverted master piece.
Start at the bottom and work your way through, there is so much to learn and the limits are endless.



Jason Moorrey said...

Totally agree with you.
Pole dance
is a form of dance, sport and fun at the same time. But while doing pole activities we need to take care of our moves otherwise wrong moves can lead to some internal injury. so make sure that you do this activity under someone's supervision.

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