Wednesday, 27 November 2013

History of Pole Passion

Interesting facts about Pole Passion and why choose us?
Did you know that Pole Passion............                              

Created Miss Pole Dance UK Championships the largest pole championships in the UK (2005)

Created Mr Pole Fitness UK Championships the first male pole competition in the UK (2009)

Created Synchronised Doubles concept and Championships (2010)

Created the first World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships in 2009 - World Pole Dance inspired by the 2005 event which we judged

Created 5 World Champions

Created a national and international competition judge's package and on line training course

Innovated the first, free standing, portable pole fitness pole RPole Fitness - in the world -  without a stage (2004) incorporating a safety mat

Created a pregnancy policy for pole fitness

Created the world's first student grading system for pole fitness (2009)

Created a pole business license opportunity, to share knowledge and support students and instructors on an international scale

Introduced the very first Master Class teaching training & coaching system, sharing international & national knowledge (USA Pantera Blacksmith 2006) when pole was in its infancy and people were protective about their knowledge

Created a structured REP's accredited teacher training package and system to take Pole fitness to the fitness world 

International Training Provider for Foundation Teacher Training and Advanced Elite Teacher Training in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia

Created the first pole sport specific, First Aid training course to support all instructors and make them more competent instructors

Support both men and women with pole techniques over the age of 16

Created an apprentice scheme to support all trainee students and instructors incorporating all different skill sets throughout their programmes


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