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What makes an elite Pole Passion fitness Instructor

What makes an Elite Pole Passion Fitness instructor that we all work so hard to strive for in our Pole fitness and Dance industry
We are recruiting NOW –
We offer elite training at foundation level and at advanced level and as a bonus that no other Training Provider offers
You can come back on a similar course FOR FREE within a year of you taking it  - you can never have enough knowledge!

There are many factors that affect us as instructors and to identify exactly what an elite instructor is, I have gathered some important information to share
An elite instructor is not one willing show their ability to fly alongside ceilings and fly through the air in their egotistical manner. Impressive as it is, (that’s just a small proportion of an incredible competitor or performer.  I have identified in my 8 years as a qualified teacher trainer assessor the following characteristics and attributes, however as leaders and innovators of Pole Fitness since its beginnings in 2006 here in the UK networking with other leaders and innovators such as USA. Fawnia Dietritch and Daniella Baumann, founder of Switzerland’s Pole fitness, Alma Pirner  founder of Hungarian Pole fitness, Elena Shishkova, founder of Russia Pole fitness, to name but a few.  We have been taking into account the  very important ethical and moral international, ‘rules and regulations’ with in our chosen sport and dance, not to mention that of discrimination to those less fortunate than some who may have some mental or physical challenges too, not always evident to the untrained eyes!!
It’s fair now, I believe to make the assumption that not all leaders gain or have the same qualities – that would be boring now wouldn’t it? And Pole is about creativity too and not just creating machines and pole drones.

Those fortunately to have attended and experience the Pole Passion leadership training (for both mental and physical attribute development) we have identified some very important characteristics and standards each candidate must uphold – not only in the three short days they are with us but going on forward from their professional training and beyond
Health and Safety has to be paramount, and in the forefront of every instructors mind; that of the student instructor and that of the student!
Health and safety of all equipment is paramount.
Customer care and professional delivery of each course offering value for money is paramount with money back guarantees.
Continual professional development students and instructors alike
A sound understanding of the Bio mechanics, the muscular skeletal system, first aid qualified and an ability to identify a student’s and instructor’s progressions and adaptions
An ability to have the intuitive approach during nonverbal communication
Ability to communicate through body language
An understanding of moral beliefs  and personal influences that may affect a students and instructors learning capabilities
A professional manner of integrity and support to fellow instructors  ethically and morally supporting those who you value the most and least
A professional code of ethics and professional decorum at all times and a loyalty to that of your founders, your teachers and mentors, guiders and friends
A pathway of continual professional development through shared training on and off the pole
An ability and time to continually professionally develop yourself and then share unconditionally without greed to the community keen to learn more.
In all our leadership and mentoring programmes whether it be through paid instructor training or free apprentice programmes we offer, all leaders are stretched and if they are not…. the door ways are always open unconditionally without discrimination, for new and innovative ideas.
 Pole Passion has always prided themselves with this approach
Occasionally along our journey an individual from the outside looking in, trying perhaps to gain more significance in their lives, by ‘running down’ others, a fellow student or instructor  or member or colleague with challenging and  different methodologies  - isn’t that the easy, weak, procrastinating route  to look at life?
Pole Passion’s approach has always been to make a difference by stepping up through contribution and working hard and trying  different approaches – and if that doesn’t work then try a different approach and if that doesn’t work then guess what ?……
We have never been fearful of challenge and controversy
We have never been fearful of competition, in fact we train our competition to be better
We are proud creators of World Champions  (7 to date) -  not many can boast that credibility
We are proud creators of Professional National Champions (14 to date)
We are proud creators of Innovative Poles now selling around the world enabling pole techniques to be taken everywhere
We dare to be different – so we applaud all those who do the same and who follow and share our journey

For many it’s a lonely life being an independent in the pole industry – no one to really trust or honour .
Pole Passion is here to support those and so proud to say that hundred’s of instructors have successfully gone on to make wonderful business and a living out of our foundations and advanced teacher training
We are proud and hold our heads up high and will continue to do so for many many more years

Pole Passion LTD

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