Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 DVD's Amateur and Semi Pro including Pole Beat

2013 Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur and Semi Pro Instructor and Student categories
Saturday June 29th 2013

INCLUDING semi pro doubles category and the bonus and exclusive footage of Pole Beat
including professionals
Donna Gant
Kat Humphrey
Dan Rosen
Dan Roe Barnett
Sam King
Ian Matthews
performing like you have never seen them before!!

This professionally boxed 4 DVD set includes over 40 performances with over 4 hours of viewing time
Disc 1 - Amateur championships
Disc 2 - Doubles category
Disc 3 - Semi Pro student category
Disc 4 - Semi Pro Instructor category PLUS bonus and exclusive footage of Pole Beat

The perfect gift for anyone wishing to enter the competitive world of competitions

Professional performances include Miss Pole Dance UK Professional champion Sarah Scott 2012/2013 - 'The power house of pole'

RRP  £19.95GBP plus £3.50GBP postage and package UK

Rest of the world p&p = £8.00GBP

Email us at theteam@passion-fitness.com for orders and enquiries

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