Friday, 29 November 2013

Paula Bines Crawley Pole Fitness, Pole Passion, working alongside ITV Fixers

Pole fitness and dance is a high intensity work out

ITV Fixers approached Pole Passion earlier this year, to help show the world, how pole fitness can benefit all  fitness professionals and change the negative public perception of Pole Fitness, by taking a pole class to Crawley Rugby Clubs weekly training session. 

Pole Passion 's very own Paula Bines who started pole fitness as a student at Pole Passion Burgess Hill when she was 19, 5 years ago, Paula has been mentored and trained with Pole Passion ever since and was suggested by Kay Penney, owner of Pole Passion, as the ideal candidate for the Fixers brief.

Paula's aim is to constantly promote Pole dance and fitness in a positive light

Pole Passion Students, Ben and Sam were put on heart monitors, whilst working out on the pole and the results showed their heart rate went up to 180 in under three minutes, which in conclusion proves Pole Fitness IS a high intensity workout. 

This proves pole fitness can have the same cardio vascular workout like sprinting, but with the added benefits of weights and flexibility training, balance and coordination which is included in static pole holds for increased muscle definition including resistance training all at a maximum intensity.

The Poles used are RPole Portable Free Standing Dance Poles which are proved to burn more calories compared to fixed floor to ceiling poles

Phase two of the Fixers project enabled Paula to highlight more about the skills required for pole fitness techniques

Check out Crawley Pole fitness on youtube -

Come and train with Paula every Friday at Crawley at Nuffield health and wellbeing 7.30 - 8.30pm
she will be happy to motivate you

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