Thursday, 28 November 2013

10 truths about being a Professional & Elite Pole Passion, Pole Fitness & Dance Instructor

 Elite Pole Passion, Pole Fitness & Dance Instructors

1. You will NEVER be 100% ready to teach – no one wakes up in the morning and says ‘im ready’.  Instructing is an on-going journey and learning process.
2. Practice makes perfect – If you want to grow out of your comfort zone then push yourself to your limits and beyond on a regular basis.
3. Sometimes you may be asked to dedicate your time and expertise for free. You have been asked for a reason – Just take a moment to think … the cause or experience gained worth it?
4. Some students and fellow instructors may not become your best friends – celebrate you have a professional and focused approach to teaching, over and above your social life.  You cannot be everything to all people.
5. You can’t change the past, BUT you can focus on improving in the future.
6. If you want to be the best – then prove you are the best- at Pole Passion we focus only on those dedicated instructors who give 100% to Pole Passion’s students and fellow Pole Passion instructors, unconditionally sharing and networking, working as a united team.
7. There is a lot that you don’t know – even our least favourite Pole Passion colleague or student will teach you something – The minute we think we know it all, is the time to move on and away from Pole Passion
8. Pole Passion Instructing is hard; we expect the very best, there maybe days that you feel like giving it all up! You are not alone and only the strongest survive – Congratulate yourself -  you are one of the Pole Passion Elite and the team is here to support you
9. Embrace your teaching skills with Passion, there’s a reason why we chose that name – Teaching is more than just a job
10. You can’t control everything that goes on around you – Do not worry about the things you can’t control – Focus only on the positive, the here and now and always keep an open and flexible approach and positive mental attitude

Kay Penney – founder Pole Passion Ltd established 2001

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