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Frequently asked questions, for pole fitness

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At Pole Passion, our passion is great customer service, value for money and naturally we are passionate about supporting you with your fitness and dance goals.
People attend pole fitness for many reasons and with over 13 years of pole experience and knowledge we are confident we have covered most scenerios.  Our instructors are amongst the most highly trained in the industry and as a company we train the trainers too ! so you will have the confidence that they are all upto date with the latest moves and grooves.
although we offer group sessions (and 1-2-1's) we appreciate you will progress at your own level too.
Let us support you

We are all highly qualified and insured
We are a friendly team, focusing on your goals (not ours!)
No experience is necessary to join any of our classes
We are only an email, text or call away! contact us now - we are waiting to support you

 You can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions by searching or browsing the topics below. Or feel free to contact us on 01293 888200 or email us at theteam or find us on Facebook

How safe is it?
We take safety very seriously. All lessons are risk assessed before each lesson and poles are professionally installed and checked before each lesson also. Most of our venues will use RPole Portable Free Standing Dance Poles which are proved to burn more calories compared to fixed floor to ceiling poles and are also safer as the only portable pole that comes with a safety mat and is safety tested!

I'm feeling nervous?
This is very normal and part of the experience and will soon have you laughing and feeling relaxed as all tuition is based on Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness and FUN! You certainly will not be asked to do anything you are uncomfortable with and our instructors are all very warm and have a caring intuitive approach and receive regular training to maintain our very high standards of customer care. 
Dancing around the lamp posts on your way home is optional however!

What do I wear?
Many students wear gym clothing that you can wear doing Yoga or Zumba. You do not need to wear shorts unless you are comfortable. Bare legs are essential for some pole work, so shorts, short skirt & T-shirt is ideal but being comfortable is more important. 
Wear clothing that is non restrictive and long trousers or leggings are fine too, if you prefer, as we will work around this if anyone is uncomfortable baring their legs. 
Remove any jewellery as this may scratch the poles and damage your jewellery!
No zips or belts and most importantly your legs and thighs need to be free from all creams and oils so you don’t slip on the pole. 
This includes not eating a packet of crisps just before class!!

The focus is definitely on fun and no-one is made to feel uncomfortable in any way!

How can I book?
Ideally it's best to inform the instructor directly to book onto a class where you can then talk about any specific goals or focus you have. You will be made to feel very welcome.
click on the area you are closest  to under weekly lessons and get in touch with your instructor who can chat to you about your goals.

Can I book on the day or last minute?
Mostly yes, however we highly recommend you contact us at the office of the individual instructor if you can - phone or text is best short notice.
If you are unable to get in touch with the instructor then you can just turn up at class early and speak direct with the instructor but remember spaces may be limited as we have certain ratios of participants to pole equipment and this varies from class to class and area to area.

Do I need to bring anything to the Class?
If you have pre paid then bring your copy of the paypal receipt
If you are paying on the day, then bring cash to pay for the lesson (the right amount is perfect.)
Also we recommend you bring a bottle of water or sport hydrating drink with you so that you have it to hand if you need it and bring a small hand towel if you have one, to keep the poles slip free and your hands dry. 

Getting to Class and Parking?
All our lessons have a venue address and Google map showing how to get to class and most classes have plenty of FREE parking. Sample of this is below...

Do I need any Experience?
No, our instructors are fully qualified to help you progress safely at any level and with other skills too you may have such as gymnastics, flexibility, upper body strength! - as instructors we particularly enjoy the diversity and challenge that each new participant brings

Medical Conditions
You will be asked if you have any medical conditions before you start class and all students are asked to confirm they don't have an injury before each class, old or new - which may become more aggravated once you start training.
As in any new exercise always speak to your doctor if unsure and stop immediately if you feel feint or short of breath. 
Our instructors are fully qualified and have First Aid training and can help you with a tailored plan that doesn't effect your injury and in most cases can even help strengthen it. 

If you have Asthma or an acute allergy please bring your inhaler or epipen with you and let one of the instructors know where it is during the lesson, so that we can access it if we need to!

Refund Policy
Your registration and payment guarantees your place and as such there are no refunds as your place is guaranteed which means other students may have missed out on taking this class.
We recommend you informed your instructor giving  no less than 24 hours notice, if you are unable to make a booked class or if you are on a course.
If you have difficulty making any classes you must notify your instructor directly, not the office. 
Exception apply where a medical certificate is produced proving injury to prevent further participation on the course where you will be refunded pro rata for lessons remaining and less £10 admin fee. 
Most instructors work with you to see if you are able to attend lessons as we know shifts and single mothers are not always able to attend class every week 

How do I book?
Email, call or text the instructor direct in the area you are most interested in to confirm your booking. 
All we need is your name and when you would like to book on! 
Alternatively text 0792 194 8606 or email theteam

Why Pole Passion?
Pole Passion are leaders in pole fitness since 2003. 
We train the trainers so we know what we are talking about and we do it safely and with YOU in mind!

Can I become a Pole Fitness Instructor?
Yes! Our instructors come from all walks of life and run pole fitness classes as a means of keeping fit, increasing their social life and earning a good 2nd income. We regularly run instructor training courses and starting your own class isn't as daunting as it may first seem. Pole Passion will support you every step of the way and will even help find and set up your studio. Click here for Pole Fitness Teacher Training

Sample Studio Directions

Nuffield STUDIO 1
Crabbet Park
Turner's Hill Road
Worth, Crawley
West Sussex
RH10 4ST

Visit our website for a venue near you

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