Friday, 29 November 2013

Mighty Grip People's Choice Award Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 presented by Pole Passion

Mighty Grip - People's Choice Award Miss Pole Dance UK 2013

A Massive congratulations to Kat Humphrey and Dave Bailey - Nottingham and representing Pole Kat Fitness who won the prestigious prize of the
People's choice Award during the Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 professional championships held at the Hawth Theatre on 15th September 2013

The voting was done by the audience during the judge’s deliberation at the end of the evening after the 24 competitors have performed during the three Championships
Mr Pole Fitness UK - Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles category and Miss Pole Dance UK female singles category

24 boxes to be set up upstairs and
24 boxes will be set up down stairs

Each box represented the 24 competitors with the names of the competitors on the outside.
Each audience member was issued a yellow tiddly wink on leaving the theatre seating which they placed in the box corresponding to the competitor they voted for

The performer/s with the most yellow tiddly winks was awarded the winner cash prize supported by Mighty Grip

What were the audience be looking for??
·       Crowd entertainment
·       Music choice
·       Charisma
·       Fun
·       Entertainment value
·       Costume

Thank You mighty Grip for your contribution to the Pole Dance competitors and community
Kay Penney for and on behalf of the Miss Pole Dance UK organisation

Kat & Dave's Bio
Kat owns Nottingham-based pole company PoleKat Fitness, and is passionate about pushing pole into mainstream fitness. Kat was supposed to be competing with her pole partner Jack, but after training him for a year, Jack quit just two weeks before the competition, leaving Kat with no dance partner. In a bid to show Kat how much he loves her, David, Kat's boyfriend, stepped up and offered to be her partner for the competition. Dave has never danced or poled before, and they had just two weeks to make a routine and costumes from scratch. Kat says that although she no longer expects to win anything this year, she couldn't bare the thought of pulling out completely and letting down all the amazing people that have come to support. Now she just wants to get out on stage and have some fun.

Dave later went on the propose to Kat during the evening celebrations - Kat said yes and they are set to be married on July 17th 2014

Purchase the Professional DVD - to see their routine (click on the link below)

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