Saturday, 14 November 2015

Elena, Lena Shishkova from Russia, signs up for Pole Passion camp 2016

Lena Shishkova – Russia (Elena Baghira) signs up for the Pole Passion Pole Camp in Budapest for 2016 as a Master Trainer once more
We are proud to have Lena join us once more again in 2016.  Elena has always been an inspiration to many students and instructors over the years creating many of her own moves for the industry and as a fore founder of pole dance and fitness in Russia, it is amazing she is joining us once more

- Founder of Pole dance, Pole Fitness, Pole contemporary.
- International Advanced pole instructor Pole Passion Membership PPF0700310.
- Aerial straps instructor
- Stretching instructor
- Exotic dance/Strip dance instructor
- Owner of  “High Pole Dance Studio” in Moscow, Russia
- Master Trainer for Pole Passion camp since 2012 -

I started dancing when I was 10. I have worked as a performer since 2000. Since 2007 I started working as an instructor and choreographer in Moscow and opened the first Pole Dance Studio in Russia- I currently work as a Pole dance instructor, Aerial straps instructor, Exotic dance instructor, Pole Contemporary and Stretching instructor. And I work as an aerial silks and straps performer at “Aerial circus – theatre SIMBIOZ”.

I am a successful dance choreographer where many of my students and my work have successfully won pole dance championships and competitions. I have created a great number of new pole moves and tricksfor thepole dance community.
I took part in many showcases and competitions around the World and the first was the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship 2009 (finalist) representing Russia Pole Dance, in Jamaica promoted and held by Pole Passion.
My achievements are
- Featured Master Trainer & Pole Instructor at POLE WEEK 2012 in Budapest by Pole Passion
- Master Trainer at POLE WEEK 2013 in Budapest by Pole Passion
-      I am an organizer of the Russian pole dance competition 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2012 (
-     In 2015 I was invited to perform at the Opening Ceremony of FIBA U 19 WOMEN
-     Finalist of the 1st WORLD POLE SPORT AND FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2009, Jamaica
-     MISS POLE FITNESS AWARD in Texas 2011, Dallas
-     Finalist POLE DANCING UNIVERSE 2011, Denver
-     Semi-finalist 1st WORLD CUP 2011, Rio de Janejro
-     Finalist WORLD POLE SPORT AND FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2011, Hungary, Budapest                               SILK RUNNER-UP PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2011, Hong Kong                                                       Silk Finalist PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012, Hong Kong                                                         WINNER of pole dance 2013 in Dance Legend, Ulyanovsk, Russia                                                                   SILK Professional 2nd RUNNER-UP PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2013, Hong Kong

*** Elena was invited аs a judge to
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships 2008,
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2009,
Miss Pole Dance Germany 2009,
The first Ukrainian Pole Dance Championship 2010,
The Russian Exotic dance competition 2011 in Moscow,
Pole Sport International 2011 in St-Petersburg,
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships 2011,
Miss Pole Dance Ukraine Championships 2011,
Pole Battle of the Ukraine 2012

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