Saturday, 14 November 2015

Michael Donohoe - Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015 - 2016 Champion interview

Michael Donohoe - Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015- 2016 Champion
Learn more about Michael and his win

1: Winning Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015 means so much to me. I had a goal to win the competition since last year and to have reached my goal has been an amazing feeling.

2: I have been doing pole for a little over 3 years now. So I was just gone 30 when I started.

3: The hardest thing about performing is always dealing with the pre comp nerves. I use a number of breathing techniques to help me stay calm and focused. The more competitions I do the easier it gets but the nerves will always be there.

4: To hear my name announced as the winner was the greatest feeling ever. I have won a few competitions and the feeling never gets old.This time however it was even better as I really was focused and determined to win. It was a feeling of all my hard work had payed off.

5: I will take it easy for the rest of this year. I will be training a lot but more about experimenting with new tricks and movements. I have plans to compete in a number of competitions next year but just have not selected which ones yet.

6: I have so many favorite moves but the one that stands out most i guess is Skyline. I just love the power and shape of it. Also it was a trick i always wanted since i saw it and it took me a long time to learn and perfect.

7: Preparing for a competition is all about planning as far as I'm concerned. Gauging the time you have to the time of the comp and planning the weeks/months out. I have a specific plan of action which i always use which gives me the optimum time to structure the routine, develop it and have enough time pre competition to run through it. For example i always have the routine finished 3 weeks before time. So that gives me 3 weeks of run through training. Its quiet detailed and complex to explain the whole process now.

8: My favorite part really is the banter and fun backstage with all the other competitors. There is such a great atmosphere and so much support between us all. It makes the competition really special and I always remembered this since doing the same comp last year.

9: I wouldn't change anything about the day. Well maybe not falling out of my Brass Monkey Flip. HaHa!! I had done this trick a hundred times but unfortunately slipped on the day. Other than that nothing to change at all.

10: As far as diet goes I am a Vegan. So i don't consume any animal products at all. no meat, dairy or eggs. So I just eat a well balanced diet of grains, legumes, pulses, fruits and vegetables. I wouldn't drink any alcohol pre comp and avoid any processed sugary foods. This plan works very well for me.

11: Pole has changed my life. It brought me into a world where i met my beautiful girlfriend Terri Walsh, working in an amazing pole studio Fierce Fitness Dance Studio, many new friends and a chance to travel and see more of the world. It really is an amazing industry to be a part of and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Michael will be joining the Pole Passion team in Budapest 2016 and offering masterclasses and 121 sessions
Please email us for availability, we will be offering Accredited Pole Instructor Training, Instruction in Pole Dancing, Fitness and flexibility training.

For more information please visit or


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