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The first Pole Dance World Championships,the foundations of Pole Sport & Fitness

The first documented and foundations of Pole Sport and Fitness Championships - named Miss Pole Dance World
As part of the judging panel in Amsterdam on Friday 11th November 2005  ten years on, its pronominal to see how the industry has grown and progressed

Pantera Blacksmith USA 

Tammy Morris - Canada

Sabrina Pankow - Germany

Pantera Blacksmith - USA

There were nine contestants

Reiko Suemune - Japan - Winner
Fadance - Germany
Nancy Van Der Horst - Germany
Gwendy Bosmans - Belgium
Elena Gibson - United Kingdom
Tammy Morris -  Canada - Best Pole Tricks
Nina Schulte - Dutch
Pantera Blacksmith - USA
Sabrina Pankow - Germany

The Jury were

Naomi Sasprodredjo
Nathalie Visser
Kay Penney
Vincent Sporkslede
Matthew O'Sullivan

The competition was set on 2 x 50mm one static one spinning pole
6 meters high!!

Clothing acceptable in 2005 was
Bikinis, skirts, hot pants but strictly no G-stings!!
Acceptable footwear were sandals and platform shoes but strictly no boots of any length

The gentleman's name who was the organiser was John Humphrey Benner and the camera man was Jan Otten

The venue was Escape Night Club Amsterdam which is still running today

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