Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dani Hibbert Pole Passion Littlehampton tells all

Dani Hibbert Pole Passion Littlehampton

1. How did you get into pole
I used to find going to the gym so boring and tried looking for another more fun way of getting fit.  I thought about Zumba and yoga then came across Pole Passion and thought why not try something new. Since then I've never looked back.

2. Why pole and not the gym
Pole combines my love of dance and gymnastics with a means of getting fit. I now also love going to the gym in order to help improve my pole fitness.

3. What’s your favourite pole move
Hmm choosing a favourite pole move is tricky because it changes so regularly. I do love handsprings though.. all types.

4. When did you get into pole?
It's been nearly 3 wonderful years.

5. Sexy or fitness or both?
Fitness ... I love watching my strength develop and seeing how far I have come. Though don't get me wrong... nothing wrong with a bit of sexy every now and again.

6. Least favourite pole move?
Yogini .. the only move I sigh at. I'm determined to make myself love it though.

7. What are your favourite pole spins?
Big fan of spin combos/ reverse grabs and thread the needle spin.

8. Favourite Celebrity and why?
Id have to say Channing Tatum... he's just Beautiful and he can dance!!

9. Who or what motivates you?
Thankfully there is no lack of motivation in my life.. my family, my friends, my students, the pole greats, the vision in my head of how good I can be if I work for it and my sheer determination. These are the things that keep me going when I feel like I could stop..

10. Interests outside of pole?
I'm into everything. Love trying new things. Secret adrenaline junkie. I enjoy baking cakes, watching films, reading books and spending time with my loved ones. I also want to see the world so travel whenever I can!!

Any other comments or points of interest or any other hobbies or businesses you want to promote

I love teaching and can't say how proud I am when my girls nail moves. Watching them progress is a beautiful thing. So often they don't believe in themselves but that's what my job is. To believe in them and show them what they are really capable of.

I still remember my first ever student.. her name was Maisie and I'm overwhelmed to be able to say she is now my apprentice and one of my closest friends. Watching her progress and turning into a wonderful instructor is so exciting.

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