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Kay Penney second underwater pole photo shoot on the Rpole, the world's most portable pole

Kay Penney second underwater pole photo shoot on the Rpole the world's most portable pole

1) Have you ever done an underwater pole shoot before?

Yes I did my first underwater shoot on the Pole Passion camp in Spain in 2011 where the water was freezing.  This time the UK swimming pool was much better

How did this shoot compare?
My first shoot was amazing because it was something that had never been achieved before and I love pioneering pole fitness in different situations

My love of water
My desire to be a synchronised swimmer and it was something that had never been done before was an added bonus  and that it was achieved with the portable RPOLE

This recent shoot was more organised
There were more taking part and above all we had a professional camera man enabling a 90 minutes shoot rather than a 15 minute shoot

2) Did you have specific moves planned for the shoot?

I had certain ideas but like with all
My shoots I tend to have more than required outfits and love the freestyle and in provision of the shoot

3) Do you feel the Water made it harder or easier to achieve poses? Why?

The water was certainly a challenge but for me whilst the moves were easier to accomplish t was harder in the sense you had the challenge of controlled breathing going upside down and I opted to do it without goggles and a nose clip
So more than often it went up
My nose making it extremely uncomfortable

4) Do you feel happy with how the shoot went?

Yes thought I would have liked to have seen the pictures along the way and would have liked longer on the pole

5) If you do another underwater photo shoot what would you change?
I would research underwater eyelash glue !!
They fell off within the first 10 minutes
I would research underwater lipstick  

6) What preparation would you suggest for somebody looking to do an underwater photo shoot who hasn't done one before?

Chose dark colours
Pale colours don't look as striking underwater
Go for flowing material
Take your time
Dare to be different

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Id like to thank the photographer Radek Gora for his patience and bringing his underwater equipment to make the shoot such a success

From David Skda - Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion

1. It was my first underwater photoshoot and was amazing.
2. Yes , i had few.
3. I think the fact of being under water makes this a difficult thing to do because you cant stay on the pole for really long time and you need to get in to the moves very fast, and get 100% the moves. The next thing is that sometimes you are losing orientation ( up and down)
4. Yes i am very happy :-) but i think next one will be even better for me because i know more now and know how to get everything better and faster.
5. The tips I would like to mention are - Get the moves ready before and try get them in the first try , try to not to play with , just get fast what i need , what i planed :)
6. If it is your first photoshoot under the water, don't try to do complicated figures, be confident in water. Try to do some training underwater before shoot.

Hope my answers are helpful :-)
Big kiss to all the Pole Passion team who organised the event

Best regards David and Nikki

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