Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Jess Leanne Norris tells all, how she prepared to take the title once more - Miss Pole Dance UK Double FIRST PLACE title winner

Jess Leanne Norris, Miss Pole Dance UK Professional champion, tells all how she prepared to take the title the second time.  The only person in the UK to do this so far at Miss Pole Dance UK

1/ What does this win mean to you?
I’m So Happy!!! Winning this Year’s Miss Pole Dance means a lot to me! I always wanted to compete in this competition again to hopefully win the title back! & I’m so Chuffed I did it!!!
2/ How old were you when you first got into pole fitness?
I was 14 when I got a Pole up at Home and started Self Teaching through watching Videos on YouTube.
3/ What was the hardest thing about performing?
I think the hardest thing about performing this routine was how much pressure I put on myself to do well, I felt so nervous on the day! but as soon as I’d finished, I just wanted to get back on Stage to do it all over again! Ha!
4/ How did you feel when your name was announced as this year’s winner?
I can’t quite put it into Words how I felt!! I was so happy and Proud of my little self!! All the Hard Work paid off!!
5/ What is your next step from this competition?
No Rest for the Wicked as My next Goal is the World Championships!!
6/ Do you have a favourite move?
My Favourite Pole Move overall would be the Eagle! Its Such a Pretty move!! But the one I do like to Perform the Most would be the Scorpio Cocoon!
7/ How do you prepare for such a big performance?
Once I knew I wanted to compete, I started Training EVERY Day! Working on different Moves and Combos to figure out what I wanted to put in my routine, then 6 Weeks before the day, I started putting the Routine together to Work on My Stamina. The Week of Comp I Trained My Routine 2x a Day, in the Morning then Again in the Evening.
8/ What was your favourite part of your Miss Pole Dance UK experience?
I actually couldn't point out one thing… As I loved the Whole Experience!! I really enjoyed teaching My Workshop in the Morning as everyone did AMAZING and was Such a Pleasure to Teach!! Being Backstage was such a Chilled Atmosphere & everyone was so Supportive of one another! Then being on that Stage with all those Flashing Spot Lights and hearing Everyone Cheering was so surreal!!

9/ What would you change if you could relive the whole thing all over again from deciding to enter to being announced winner on day?
Well… There was One Trick in My routine that I wasn’t overly confident about and was still practising it on the day! Which made me feel even more nervous than normal! So if I’d change anything I would have practised that move a lot, lot more!
10/ Do you have a special diet to help you train?
I don’t have a Special diet to help me train as such, I just try to eat Healthy! I’d rather have ABS than Eat Take-Always and Cakes etc.. ;-)
11/ Has pole changed your life? If so how?
Pole has completely taken over my life! I Live & Breathe it!! I run my own studio which is a 24/7 job as well as training most days, Travelling Teaching My Workshops and Performing… Pole is Full time for me, but I wouldn't change it for the World!! It’s My Dream!
12/ What does Pole Dance/Fitness mean to you?
(Think I have explained this in the question above)
13/ Who or what motivates you?
My Pole Friends keep me Motivated! I don’t like training on my own as it can be Boring! So training with the Girls Keeps me going!!
14/ Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Felix Cane was my very first Inspiration! I loved watching her performances and was always in complete Awe!! And still am, she really is something else!!  But there are just SO Many good polers out there now, Men, Woman and Kids!! That all keep my Inspired with all their Pics and Videos that go up on the Internet!!
15/ Have you ever felt like giving it all up?
Oh I couldn’t count on 2x hands at how many times I’ve wanted to give it all in! Mainly when I’ve had a Bad training session or when I can’t get a Certain Move first time!! Ha!  When I’m having one of those days, I just go home, have a Nice Hot bath and Chill out!
16/What words of advice would you give to people just coming into the world of Pole?
My Advice to Anyone New to Pole is to be Patient… Pole is HARD! The more Effort and time you put into it, the quicker you Progress! It isn’t Easy! But Most of all… to just enjoy the Journey!!! :-D
Thank you!!!
Jess xxxx



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