Saturday, 14 November 2015

What to look for when starting pole fitness classes - QUALIFICATIONS, INSURANCE and EXPERIENCE

1. We can’t stress enough – QUALIFICATIONS, INSURANCE and EXPERIENCE

Naturally all instructors have to starts somewhere but do check how long they have been practicing and teaching pole dance or fitness.  There is no excuse as to why an instructor is not pole fitness REP’s accredited pole qualified. Without this qualification there is a very good chance they are not insured either – so do ask your instructor if you have any doubt – they could be teaching you something that could cause an immediate  injury OR an injury that could appear later on.
Also check out an instructor’s back ground, if they have experience in another form of  dance or Pilates back ground, for example, they will have a better understanding of the bodies biomechanics than someone who doesn’t have any other former fitness or dance background
Pole techniques can be adapted in many ways – so do check how your instructor likes to teach

Here are some ideas:-
Tricks, Spins, Poses, Transitions - for fitness only (removing the sexy side and flow of pole !)
Tricks, Spins, Poses, Transitions - for fitness & dance incorporating the sexy side too
Dance – Pole choreography and Pole dance routines increasing cardio fitness
With heels, trainers or bare feet
Pole Tricks only
Body Conditioning - moves on and off the pole
Body strength  - moves on and off the pole
Pole Bands – strength training using conditioning bands on the pole

2. Venue and poles used
There are many good poles on the market now but unfortunately there are many poles that wouldn’t support your weight with the tricks and spins we teach in class- so chose your pole wisely

we at Pole Passion recommend the portability of the RPole -

For more information about pole fitness classes visit the website to see if a class is in your area

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