Friday, 13 July 2012

Miss Pole Dance UK - Amateur competitor 2012

More gymnasts are finding Pole Dance & Fitness techniques an excellent way to progress into other challenging fields. 

‘My Name is Ally Barugh and I have been pole dancing now for 3 weeks (3 x 1 hour lessons) with Pole Passion in Burgess Hill.

By the time of the competition I would have only  had 4 lessons so I am quite nervous.
I have lived in Ibiza for the past 7 years and worked as an acrobat there and this is where I first saw pole dancing performed as an art about a year ago, which I loved and was amazed by so I have wanted to learn from then on.

I returned to England to have a baby, so I have a baby boy who is now 6 weeks old, after having my baby I thought the perfect way to get back into shape and learn something which I’ve wanted to do for a while now was to start pole fitness classes.
I live in West Sussex and have a 3 year old daughter as well as my new baby boy. For work I am a Sports Injury Therapist and an acrobat. I was a gymnast for many years, and competed to a high level, I retired from gymnastics in 2007 but have found my gymnastics background has helped me when learning the different pole skills. I absolutely love Pole Dancing and am so glad I’ve found something that keeps me fit which I can still use my skills and challenge myself. ‘

July 2012

We wish Ali all the best in the Championships at Taylor’s Pole Retreat in Dorking on 22nd July 2012
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