Monday, 2 July 2012

Mr Pole Fitness UK 2012 champion Nico Modestine official statement

News flash

Official statement from Miss Pole Dance UK & Mr Pole Fitness UK organisation

Upon our investigations since an anonymous source on 18th June and further on 29th June 2012 We are satisfied as an organisation that his present stature is one of a positive one for the pole fitness and dance industry and himself and therefore wish to support his worthy and accredited Mr Pole Fitness UK 2012 title.

Nico, like all competitors sign an agreement binding them to the rules of the competition. Since the disclosure we have clarified Rule 4 to remove any ambiguity. Rule 4 is clarified below.

We also immediately contacted Nico for his clarification that what had been brought to light, was in fact his past and not his current situation where he has assured us both verbally and in writing that this is the case and has also posted this statement:-

‘I signed the rules and regulations in good faith and I can guarantee that I am not undertaking any activities that will put the competition and fellow competitors in disrepute and I have no connection with past activities linking it now or in the future to my current "Mr Pole Fitness UK" title. Being an ambassador for male pole dancing and the UK is such an honour and I am so grateful. Coming from nothing, it allows me to enjoy my role with so much respect and consideration.

 I would like to say how sorry I am because of my past and mistakes have come to tarnish the image of pole dancing once again.
No words could possibly describe how sad and ashamed I feel right now. I am truly sorry for the bad publicity and hassle I am causing you and the organisation.

I never meant for it to happen at your event as I never imagined in a million years becoming someone or Mr Pole Fitness UK.

It took a while before I was able to send out my application as I wanted to avoid a certainly inevitable scandal for myself and also for everyone else, which would have been just like an impending storm at such a large scale event.’

Based on his signed acceptance of our rules and the fact this matter is in his past we have decided he should keep his title based on Rule 4.

Confirmation of Rule 4 changes: 

A4 - 'The candidate is not employed in the pornographic industry or to make any reference to any industry which is connected to the pornographic industry' will change to - 
A4 - 'The candidate is not currently employed in the pornographic industry or will make now or in the future any references to the pornographic industry in reference to their title  Miss Pole Dance and Mr Pole Fitness or bring the names  'Miss Pole Dance' and 'Mr Pole Fitness,'  into disrepute.

Three independent international judges,  (1 male and 2 females) judged his pole technique and performance on the day of June 2nd 2012. His award winning performance far surpassed the other 7 contestants competing for the worthy title of Mr Pole Fitness UK. He was not only being judged on stage presentation, dance / fitness choreography and pole tricks and combinations – I think it is without question he brought a whole new energy and dynamics to Pole fitness for men on that day.  – He remained professional and ethical throughout the day towards his fellow competitors and to that of the organisation and continues to do so, despite what has now come to light.

 We believe Nico is worthy of the title, Mr Pole Fitness UK, not for his past but for his positive and life changing future and for the here and now. We have worked long and hard to support all who are passionate and talented within our industry and will remain to do so with Nico as long as he wishes to continue with the sport and his unquestionable talent.

We hope the above has supported and answered some questions some of you may have and please do not hesitate to email if you have any further questions regarding this or similar matters.

We thank those individuals for spending the time to contact us  about their personal views for the good of the positive way forward for pole dance and fitness.

We do hope that the above has clarified our decision and that we can NOW all move forward positively with a fellow pole supporter and welcome him into an industry that is renown worldwide for a non judgemental, friendly, positive and empowering confidence and we hope that people will no longer judge any individual because of an unfortunate past which has to be delved into to find, especially when they are so desperately trying to forget and correct, by giving back to thousands who in the future will enjoy his talent and performances, for which we hope, many years to come, and most importantly supporting a fellow poler who has found their new and positive passion for life. – We do not want to become a dictatorship although we do understand the  concerns raised.

We do not judge someone for their past, but only for their future.

Yours passionately

Kay Penney for and on behalf of the 
Miss Pole Dance UK / Mr Pole Fitness UK Organisation 2005 - 2012

World Pole Sport & Fitness Organisation 2009 - 2012

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