Friday, 13 July 2012

PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012

We were delighted to receive an email from Symone Dolai founder of Pole Paradise Studio in Hong Kong

We at Pole Passion and World Pole Dance wish you well with your competition later on in the year
As event and competition organisers  since 2004 we understand the massive task pole competitions like yours take and we would like to send you all the aerial and pole love we can at this time

all the best and kindest regards

Kay Penney, the Pole Passion Team and World Pole Dance Organisation  xx

Pole Paradise Studio announces the 3rd “PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012”. 
At the Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Theatre (Hong Kong). 
On Monday 12th November 

One winner from each category will be crowned and finally an Ultimate Champion will be chosen from the 3 discipline winners. There will also be a special prize for the Best Costume and also a special new category sponsored by based on inner showgirl/ show boy potential.

Judging will be last year’s Ultimate Champion Masayao Okamoto (Japan), Zoey (Hong Kong) the aerial hoop winner from 2011 and the return of last year’s judge Suzette Ackerman owner of Desert Mermaids (Hong Kong).

Here is a list of last year’s winners:
3rd place Heidi (USA)
2nd place Job (Philippines)
Winner Masayo Okamoto (Japan)

Aerial Hoop
3rd place Byron (Hong Kong)
2nd place Jo James (UK)
Winner Zoey (Hong Kong)

Aerial Silks
3rd place Becca (Hong Kong)
2nd place Lena (Russia)
Winner Ilaria De Novellis (Italy)

Best Costume Zoey (Hong Kong)
Best Showgirl/ Showboy Masayo Okamoto (Japan)
Ultimate Aerial Champion Masayo Okamoto (Japan)

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