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Kay Penney Pole Competition experience 2001 - 2012

Kay Penney - One of the first pole dance for fitness instructors in the UK and world, who started practicing pole dance techniques in 2001 soon after the birth of her third child as a new fun way to remain in shape mentally and physically, innovating and pioneering the UK pole industry.  
As a dance, health and beauty  expert and fitness professional, for now over 25 years, from the very early age, Kay Penney has made Pole now her sole dance and fitness passion.  she is co-inventor of the RPole, the first ever free standing, light weight, portable pole designed specifically for the gym environment and pole fitness  programmes and accredited instructor training she developed in 2008, awarding students the highest awards in the industry from foundational courses to Master trainer status.  

Kay has spent the last 10 years continually creating, networking internationally, supporting and promoting all pole athletes across the world working with different cultures and ethics, with her simple mission and message in mind – that to allow all to showcase their art of pole dance and passion on a world stage without the fear of being wrongly judged.  
She created her own pole business in 2003 'Pole Passion Ltd', which is known across the globe and went on to create the largest and most respected pole competition in the UK, Miss Pole Dance UK, following on adding all categories, amateur and semi pro divisions, including the first Male championships, Mr Pole Fitness UK in 2009, culminating in the creation of World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships – World Pole Dance in 2009 in Jamaica.

She continues to have a daily and very active role in her business’ supporting women and men in this chosen genre, and is proud to have her burlesque instructor training certifications accredited in the UK for fitness too.

She is co designer of the portable RPole created with a desire to have a sexy yet functional piece of fitness equipment in the gyms across the world.

Competition and Master Trainer Creation and experience since 2003
              -                        Owner and founder of Pole Passion Ltd, Miss Pole Dance UK & World Pole
                                        Sport & Fitness
2004              -           1. Miss Pole Idol Competitor  - Regional winner
2005              -           2. The Inaugural Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Finals - creator
                        -         3. 1st World Pole Dance Finals  - Amsterdam – invited judge
2006              -           4-11.Miss Pole Dance UK Professional regional heats x 8 in Newquay
                                    12. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional finals – head judge
                                    Miss Pole Dance UK fitness category created and  introduced
                                                Author of the world's first published Code of Pole Practice
                                    Introduction & creator of Master Class workshops for instructors in the UK with
                                    Pantera USA
                                    13. Local Amateur Pole competition – invited judge 
2007              -           14. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional – head judge
                                    Miss Pole Dance synchronised doubles category created and introduced
                                    Author of two accredited Pole Fitness Instructor training qualifications
2008              -           15. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional – head judge
                                    Author of the worlds first Code of Pole Practice setting and raising the
                                    national and international standards

                                     16. Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur championships created and introduced
                                     17. Miss Pole Dance Japan – invited judge
2009              -              18. World Pole Sport & Fitness championships created and introduced
                                    head judge in Jamaica
                                    International master Class series
                                    Invited Honorary Board Member of the Pole Fitness Association
                                                 Invited on Cirque du Soleil Pole Dance casting research team
                                    19. Miss Pole Dance Hungry – invited judge
                                    20. Miss Pole Dance Russia – invited judge
                                    21. German Pole Dance Competition – invited judge
                                    22. Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur – head judge
                                    23. Mr Pole Fitness UK championship Inaugural event created – head judge
                                    24. Miss Pole Dance UK professional knockout created
                                    25. Miss Pole Dance UK Professional – head judge
                                    26. Latin America Pole Dance championships – invited judge
2010  -                         27. Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland invited judge
                                    28. Invited instructor to Dubai and programme development
                                    29. Invited judge Copenhagen
                                    30. Routine for The Nation - facilitator for judging workshop
31. Miss Pole Dance UK Amateur / Semi Pro / Mr Pole Fitness UK
            32. World Pole Sport & Fitness World championships - Switzerland 2010
            33. Taylor’s weekend inter school competition

                Author of Published International Judging criteria
2011 –                         34.       Miss Pole Dance Hungary judge
                                    35.       Inter university competition
                                    36.       Miss Pole Fitness Germany
                                    37.       Miss Pole Fitness Switzerland
                                    International training and master classes Spain       
                                    38.       Miss Pole Dance UK Profession Championships
                                    39.       World Pole Sport & Fitness – Hungary including the preliminary
                                    International Master Class series      
2012 -                          40.       Inter University competition
                                    41.       Miss Pole Dance UK professional championships
                                    42.       Mr Pole Fitness UK championships
                                    International training and master classes in Budapest         
                                    43        Miss Pole Dance UK amateur & semi pro championships
                                    44.       World Pole Sport & Fitness championships in Zurich

                                    Invited facilitator for international  judging workshop in Italy   


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