Friday, 13 July 2012

Pole Fitness and Pole Competition Industry leaders

Pole Passion – are hiding no secrets as to being  the Pole fitness Industry leaders, innovators and pioneers not only in fun lessons, fun parties, professional national and international championships, competitions and events but also including REP’s accredited teacher training course and structures since it’s development in 2001 when the movements from the exotic dancers inspired industry pioneer Kay Penney under the banner of Pole Passion to create as a new form of fitness challenge. Kay also the creator of the current world stage and platform and mentor to the female world champions, Felix Cane 2009-2011 to Alesia Vazmitsel 2011-2012, Evengy Grishilov the first Male World Pole Dance champion and  Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy Hungarian synchronised Winners
Pole fitness and dancing equipment too have been an amazing achievement for the company who also own and operate Rpole Fitness  (with the ‘R’ standing for revolutionary)

 Lena Shiskova seen here on the Rpole in Jamaica in 2009
 Felix Cane - twice world champion -  seen here on the Rpole in the UK in 2010
Kay with her engineering business partner invested 5 years into the innovation of the first, most light weight,  free standing, portable dance and fitness pole, with integral mat designed for pole fitness with no raised stage, (like that of a podium) that may prevent stretching or even sharp edges that may cause injury to a leg or other body part.
Their REP’s accredited instructor training courses set the standard in pole fitness and have continued to do so since 2008
Innovating the first, pole sport specific, First Aid training for students and instructors alike passionate about pole safety.

For more information visit Pole Passion series of websites

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