Monday, 16 July 2012

Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Pro and Amateur 2012 Head Judge Kay Penney

Kay Penney seen here congratulating the twice World Champion Felix Cane (left) in Switzerland 2010

Founder and organiser  of Miss Pole Dance UK competitions and World Pole Dance, Kay Penney is still keen to support all competitors from all levels - her passion is still with the beginners, mentoring and supporting all who enter in to the World of Pole.
Kay will be judging just the Semi Pro Instructor category this year, being held at Taylors Retreat in Dorking, on Sunday July 22nd 2012, although she will be watching, training and supporting all three of the competitions closely that day.

Kay has been organising and Judging Pole competitions all over the world, since the beginning in 2004 and is one of the most influential and experienced pole competition judges in the world - over seeing the creating and updating of the rules and regulations yearly, setting the industry standard, by introducing and developing the synchronised doubles category, creating Mr Pole Fitness UK in 2009 and as the industry evolves and develops and is always happy to receive feedback and support from others who equally dedicate their life to the Pole Fitness and Dance Industry.


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