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Kay Penney Contributing to the History of Pole Dance

Contributing to the History of Pole Dance
Pole Dance Brazil 2012 interview

1. The evolving of the pole activity in the last 10 years
This in my view has been amazing, always with the unquestionably belief it would get big but never in the capacity, extent and speed in which we are witnessing.  This I believe has been the factor of two possibilities - the competitions have made the techniques available and accessible for all to see and join in to and  the contribution of social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube and the internet. My day is filled with emails and conversations of many different cultures beliefs and ideas from people from all over the world. I am proud to be a major innovator and pioneer here in the UK and world and will continue to do so for many more years to come

2. the competitions and recognition achieved
The competitions have grown too naturally – It was always going to be a natural progression of our sport to show case our art and expertise to all.  My main aim was to create a main stage for people to do this without the fear of being wrongly judged. This I am proud to have achieved already
I, with our network of international supporters, continue to adapt and create
National and International Rules and regulations created and adapted since 2004, yearly as the competitions evolve and challenge
Code of pole ethics – created in 2006 setting and maintaining standards
Health and safety documentation created and up held
Competitor support in the case of chaperone responsibilities documented
Sponsorships are growing as too are the number of cheerleaders
Numbers both in competitors and spectators are increasing every year too
Media interest is increasing every year and more positivity is created

3. Who are the main players within the industry (pole dancers, product and school representatives, instructors and event's organisers)
This is always a difficult one to start as list of individuals and we should question How is this list formulated or individuals recognised? By the amount of titles they hold? or the amount of hours they dedicate to their training? or is it the amount of hours they dedicate to others to enhance and promote their talents?  There are many hidden and more silent types that do exceptional work in the back ground that have smaller egos than others but without these many key individuals the industry would not be where it is today for sure.  Had you asked me this question 8 years ago I could have listed the people probably on one hand  
4. pole dance as a definition today
Pole dance is still portrayed in many forms with many expressions and techniques that is what makes it such a special type of innovative sport and dance and why it is here to stay.
The competitions help very much in this creation and education for which I am very proud to be a part of since 2004. Let’s not forget why Miss Pole Dance was first formulated way back in 2003 – to educate and market to people who had not had the opportunity  in visiting a gentleman’s club as to that is where the foundations were laid. Obviously still to this day we are seeing new innovative variations of moves and combinations
Let’s keep its definition simple to sensual movements on and around a vertical bar, portraying power, strength, flexibility, creativity and technical skill

5. what is in the future of the pole

The sky is the limit let’s not lose sight of all the greats who stood up in the beginning treading new ground and still continue to do so 10 years on
The Passion for the pole is still very much there for me as I am sure for many other thousands of people across the globe who have joined the sport since
Let’s continue to work together for a force for good
Lead not destroy but let’s work together in harmony for a healthier and happier future for pole fitness and freedom of choice.

Kay Penney
Founder Pole Passion Ltd 2003 Parties lessons and workshops and government backed and accredited Pole fitness Instructor training
Miss Pole Dance UK 2004 National competitions and master classes
Mr Pole fitness 2009 National competitions and master classes for men
World Pole Dance 2009 international competitions and master classes global networking opportunities
Co creator of Rpole 2005 Portable light weight pole equipment

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