Monday, 16 July 2012

What is Pole Fitness

What is Pole fitness?
Amazing emotions and positive feeling can be expressed and experienced through the power of music, dance, movement and fitness techniques.  Motion creates emotion
Many of you may have experienced other forms of exercise and fitness but pole is different – we encourage group support and to be non judgemental as you are gently introduced and eased into a new world of fitness techniques and to new movements.  By using different muscle groups, many that are not used in conventional types of exercise, you will be amazed at how quickly you can increase your upper body tone and strength, creating additional power which leads to an increase in body awareness to boost of your self esteem and confidence massively

POLE Fitness is FUN and allows and encourages you to be positively fit, self expressive, powerfully confident, playful and always very individual. We support and enhance who you already are. We use the pole as our dance partner; that solid support, one that we go on to use in other areas of our lives, certainly a dance partner that is always there when you’re ready to dance and one that never treads on your toes!! 

As with all other forms of exercise pole fitness and dance routines incorporates all the 9 components and elements of fitness
Power, Strength, Agility, Speed, coordination, balance, flexibility, muscle, strength and cardiovascular endurance
Incorporating and encouraging great posture and flexibility
Power - the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements often used during a pole spin during takeoff. The two components of power are strength and speed. (e.g. Gemini)

Strength - the extent to which muscles can exert force by contracting against resistance (e.g. holding a static pole pose - )

Agility & Speed - the ability to perform a series of explosive power movements in rapid succession in opposing directions (e.g. your pole routines and dance choreography or smaller pole move combinations)

Coordination- the ability to integrate all the elements so that effective movements are achieved with ease and without causing injury with wrong or incorrect body posture.

Balance - the ability to control the body's position, either stationary (e.g. beginner move  Pole Pose hooking one leg on the pole or advanced move a handspring) or while moving (e.g. a spinning chair move or cartwheel legs)

Flexibility - the ability to achieve an extended range of motion without being impeded by excess skin tissue, i.e. fat or muscle (e.g. executing a leg split)

Local Muscle Endurance - a single muscle's ability to perform sustained work (e.g. inverts by using the arm and back muscles)

Cardiovascular Endurance - the heart's ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it (e.g. pole dance and fitness routines on and around the pole)

Strength Endurance - a muscle's ability to perform a maximum contraction time after time (e.g. conditioning moves on and around the pole and routines)

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