Monday, 26 October 2015

6 Easy Ways to Make Your Pole Business Work For You Pole Passion License Opportunities Available

6 easy ways to make your pole business work for you, business development

Plan your day first thing - write a list and tick off as you go
If you are a busy entrepreneur and working on and in the business like me then this is very valuable

2.  BLOCK AND CHUNK YOUR TASKS  - makes you more efficient
Phone calls
Emails to send -
Weekly students to connect with,
Venue arrangements to confirm and make ,
Online banking and Admin
All things have different motivations and brain patterns
Then leaves you to become more creative during your teaching time

3, Focus on the IMPORTANT TASKS FIRST that are going to make you more productive - delete the less trivial tasks
We all love Facebook and social media chat but do at least one difficult task each day that pushes you forward

4. Delegate - GET HELP -  Trust your staff, family and helpers, they know what they are doing - learn to let go and focus only on your strengths as a leader

5. STANDARDISE  - create templates for regularly used documents such as Master classes workshops, new student enquiries,  events & reply emails

6. AUTOMATE - online tools can make replying more easy
 Don't loose the personal touch though, remember to nurture and care for your customers always

Teacher Training online or in person - ask us how


Kay Penney

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