Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Jess Leanne Norris, Double Professional champion Miss Pole Dance UK 2015

Jess Leanne Norris  - Miss Pole Dance UK 2015 Professional Champion takes the title once more to be crowned the first Miss Pole Dance UK DOUBLE Female single's WINNER
10th October 2015
Hawth Theatre
Crawley, West Sussex

Jess from Bolton, started her pole journey at the incredible age of 14,  whilst looking for a new hobby. As soon as she found pole fitness, she was hooked! 
Jess was training daily and within 6 months of self training she began teaching.            

Jess now at 22, owns her own dance and pole studio and was able to make pole dreams come true by sharing the knowledge and understanding of pole that she had worked so hard to gain.           
Jess's talent shone, and she quickly became a UK figurehead in the pole fitness industry, winning the professional title at just 18 in 2011, creating and teaching original and incredible moves. Her signature style and breath-taking performances at such a tender you age, left the entire industry in awe.
Jess now holds the title once more after her incredible performance on 10th October 2015 with her exquisite routine dancing to  Dirty Diana - By The Weekend

For more information and booking master classes with Jess please contact

email: events@passion-fitness.com
Tel: 0792 1948 606

View Jess here

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