Thursday, 29 October 2015

Elena Artamonova, Pole Passion International Trainer & Assessor, Moscow, Russia 2015

Elena Artamonova is the chief instructor and choreographer at one of the highly acclaimed dancing studios in Moscow and one of the founders of Pole Dancing art in Russia.
She fell in love with Pole 12 years ago and never stopped since. 
She has 11 years teaching experience and moreover she is one of the world’s best athletes in this field.

“I had to train very hard work to reach the level I am today and the results I've achieved in my dancing career, and owing to diligence and grit, I am now a Champion of Russia, 3 times Finalist of World Pole Dance Championship and Pole Cup, and repeated winner as well as prize winner of many Russian and International competitions’, - says Elena.
Having 2 university degrees ( pedagogical and choreographer), being a CCN gymnastics, D-level ballroom dancer and professional fitness &gym instructor, this young woman keeps constantly developing and increasing her level of knowledge.
In 2012-2014 she passed Beginner & Intermediate Instructor courses, arranged by Pole Passion Ltd. and in 2014 became an ambassador of safe and effective Instructor training as well as one of the chief teachers of world-famous Pole Passion International Camp & training Retreat Week that is organized each year in Europe.
Every year Elena visits different Pole Dance and Fitness Conventions all around the world, and each time brings back new experience and information that she could pass over to her students. In 2015 she successfully passed Aerial Hoop Instructor training also, and has created her own signature Beginner Aerial Hoop teaching program.

When talking about her job, this is what Elena says: “Pole dance for most of my students is a remedy from stress and fatigue. Some of them come in and say: I feel “different” now. They feel more confident now, they walk with the different air about themselves and they just feel better knowing that they have something that they can do, and it influences them from inside. That’s what the “different” means. Sometimes it’s hard to explain… but when I see all these changes in people, then I understand that my work isn't in vain. That’s why teaching for me is not just a job. It is something I’m planning to do as long as I can, and I will never stop. I help people to overcome their fears, overcome themselves, and love sport”.

From this year Elena has become a part of the large International Pole Passion family - a representative in the branch of international pole sport and fitness & aerial hoop instructor education, Worldwide and in Russia particularly.
“And, in conclusion, my advice for the beginners. Anyone can do this! In this type of sport there are no age or height, or constitution limits. The pole holds up to 200 kg. So if you’re under it- come and try! As long as the pole holds you-you can do it! As long as you’re open, want to try and have fun you’ll make it!

If you are happy to travel to Moscow, I'm waiting for all of you – for training and professional development!

With love, Elena xxx”.

Tel: +44 (0) 1293 888200
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