Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pole Fitness Accreditations about to enter Russia, Moscow and Turkey, Instanbul

International Pole Sport and Fitness Pioneers, Pole Passion, founded by Kay Penney in 2001, are all set to train the trainers in Russia, Moscow and Turkey, Istanbul in 2016

With the popular growth of the pole fitness and dance industry worldwide, we are proud to be expanding into the new cultures and countries with these accreditations, for empowering, safe, effective and professional instructor training, pole sport & fitness courses

Pole Passion have been delivering their International REP's Accredited courses throughout Europe since 2008 and have since entered into the Asia market in 2015 by delivering their first course in China, Beijing in April 2015

Trainer Assessor Elena Artamonova - Budapest 2015

                          Trainer Assessor Elena Artamonova - Budapest 2015

For more information about Pole Fitness in Europe, China, Russia and Turkey, visit  and email us on

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