Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ischemic flossing - my first treatment

Ive just received my first treatment and experience of ischemic flossing, carried out by Sports Therapist, Alex Wheatman, where a tight band was placed around my upper arms linked together behind my shoulder blades

As a pole dance and fitness trainer, my body and joints are put through an immense about of pressure and manipulation weekly and have been for the last 15 years
After being recently involved in a minor road traffic accident and experiencing some whip lash I reached out to my favourite osteopath the Back Care Clinic in Crawley owned and operated by Stephen Deadman.

Trigger point and deep tissue back and shoulder massage was carried out over the one hour treatment, ending in just a 5 minute ischemic flossing, where a specialist strap was placed over my clothing – I felt immediate relief from my neck and upper back spasms.

I had a slight itchiness and tingling in my hands and fingers soon after the treatment, which subsided quickly however most importantly my mood had lifted considerably.

Fully recommend this treatment with Alex although I jokingly did mention it reminded me of my recent rope bondage course I went on recently !!

23 October 2015

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