Monday, 26 October 2015

Danielle Brown Pole Passion Crawley Student trains hard for her Level 1 Pole Fitness Routine

21 Year Old Danielle Brown, aiming for her Level 1 Pole Passion Grading certificate on
7th November 2015
Crawley Pole Passion Student


1. When did you take your first pole lesson?
- I started end of May 29th May 2015, I believe.

2. How nervous were you when you attended your lesson?
- I was nervous that the class was going to be full of skinny athletic girls and there's me walking in as a big girl. But I had a lot encouragement from friends and family. I also went with my 2 best friends.

3. What was your main motivation in coming to pole?
- My motivation to do pole was to get back into dancing and to maybe when I get my own pole is to start free styling routines up and recording them whilst gaining some strength and losing some weight.

4. Why pole and not Zumba or aerobics?
- I still do Zumba on a Monday night, although I haven't been going for the past few months. Really need to get back into it again. But aerobics on the other hand can be really boring and too repetitive. Pole was another thing I've always wanted to do since I discovered the amazing videos you see on YouTube and thinking to myself "i wanna do that!!"

5. Did you ever think ... This isn't for me?
- When I first started I couldn't even hold my body weight up so I did think "hmmmm maybe I'm just not strong enough". Another time was when I had a session about a while back, I got very emotional at the end coz I was struggling to even do basic spins and just felt I'm losing it. But after speaking to my instructor and a student I soon realised that everyone has bad sessions where they struggle with moves alot.

And how did you get through those thoughts and keep coming?
- My friends, my boyfriend, family and my pole family really just helped encourage me and I'm not one for giving up easily I'm quite a stubborn person. I love pole too much to let it stop me.

6. What do your friends and close family really think?
- From seeing the videos and pictures I've posted up recently I'd say they're proud and seem impressed by what I can do. It's nice to have such great support from everyone.

7. What are you looking forward to next in attending your classes?
- Well atm looking forward to practising my level 1 grading. I'm looking forward to getting my shin climbs stronger too.

8. What's your favourite move and why?
Atm it's a one handed side spin. Just because it looks really impressive and loving the fact I can do it one handed!!! I also love how much I can spin around the pole a lot in this move. I love spinning!!!

9. What's your least favourite move  and why?
- Jet spin. Because it's so hard to get it to keep spinning in the right position. I can only do it for one second. It's a nemesis move for me.

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