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The Difference between a Basque, Bustier, Waspie and a Corset

The Difference between a Basque, Bustier, Waspie and a Corset

So whilst discussing my next year birthday celebrations, dressing up was naturally mentioned
My friend’s question was, what’s the difference?!!!
All these feminine items are worn by both men and women in the world of burlesque and provide a sexy feminine, hourglass, appearance of a slimmer waistline and exaggerated bust  & cleavage
Basques will generally use a hook and eye fastenings down the back, similar to the way a bra is fastened.

Basques generally have defined cups with under wiring and will therefore give more support to the bust area whereas corsets simply push the breasts up and together.
Basques are sometimes preferred for comfort as they do not have the same rigid boning as corsets.  When wearing a corset it is advisable to wear it a few days in advance of its first outing to enable the ridged plastic structuring to mould to your shape and for you to get used to the feeling.

Generally a corset has laces at the back to tighten the garment securely and is more restricting, often using someone with skill to tighten it correctly.  The result of these different fastenings is that a corset will make a big difference on the shape of your body whereas a basque creates more of a 'skimming' effect and is less restricting.

Finally, you should expect to pay more for a corset than a basque, mainly due to the fact that basques tend to be less structured and more like lingerie, thinner more delicate materials.  This also means that corsets can last longer if well cared for.
Corset are structured with a strong plastic rod, metal or bone which run the length of the garment sown the torso

Dry cleaning is well advised for corsets
A Bustier is a cropped basque and usually used as lingerie  to cover the breasts

A waspie is a smaller corset or larger suspender belt placed around the torso lower waist and upper hip area without the bra cup section whereby used to bring in the waist and accentuate the bust , either worn with an additional bra or  loose fitting blouse or nipple tassels
When deciding whether to opt for a corset, bustier, waspie or a basque, the key factors will therefore be your
how long you intend to wear it for
and its function.

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