Thursday, 29 October 2015

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Category 2015 - RESULTS

Final Results, Pole Passion Presents
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championships 2015

- Where professional men and woman battle it out to be the best in the UK -  Where pole friends support each other creating a unique and beautiful pole family, Where encouragement knows no bounds, Where Passion, Determination, Power, Sport, Fitness and Sexy are celebrated to the full!
Held on Saturday 10th  OCTOBER 2015

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Category (Female)
1st -    Jess Leanne Norris  -161.5
2nd - Lauren Red  -156
3rd - Hannah R Kaynes  -149
Catherine Meadley  -132
Annalisa Muresu  -125
Rose A Lisa   -123
Heidi Hildersley  -120
Nicole McIntyre  -108
Rebecca Plume  -107
Chelsy Vaney  -104
Nicola Ghalmi  -102
Leah Rose  -102
Toni Mansell  -98

​Best costume - Nicola Ghalmi
Best entertainer - Lauren Red
Best tricks - Jess Leanne Norris

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Doubles (Mixed)
1st - Yvette Dusol & Jade Tinkler  -153.5
2nd - Jade Bensilum & Alana White  -138.5
3rd - Stevie Hilton & Andrea Tozer  -121.5
Melissa Sidki & Timonie George  -118
Rosa Lisa & Zoe Ednay  -109

Best costume - Yvette Dusol and Jade Tinkler
Best entertainer- Stevie and Andrea
Best tricks - Jade and Alana

Mr Pole Fitness UK (Males)
1st - Michael Donohoe  -145
2nd - Sam King  -137
3rd -Marcin Miller  -107.5
Theo Robertson  -106

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