Monday, 26 October 2015

Miss Pole Dance UK - The RESULTS presented by Pole Passion

RESULTS MISS POLE DANCE UK 2015 professional

1st - Jess Leanne Norris
2nd - Lauren Red
3rd - Hannah Kaynes

Best costume - Nicola Ghalmi
Best entertainer - Lauren Red
Best tricks - Jess Leanne Norris


Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles

1st - Yvette and Jade
2nd - Jade and Alana
3rd - Stevie and Andrea

Best costume - Yvette and Jade
Best entertainer- Stevie and Andrea
Best tricks - Jade and Alana

Results are in!!! Mr Pole Fitness UK

1st - Michael Donohoe
2nd - Sam King
3rd - Marcin Miller

Best costume - Tiago Gambogi
Best entertainer - Sam King
Best tricks - Michael Donohoe

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