Monday, 26 October 2015

The Performers Miss Pole Dance UK 2015 Professional championships


Pole Passion is proud to present the 10th anniversary of Miss Pole Dance UK competition - The UK’s first, largest and most successful National Pole Dance championships.

Where:  Hawth Theatre in CRAWLEY, boasting its support for the arts
WHEN: Saturday 10th October 2015

A breath taking and mesmerising celebration of men and women, elite pole sport artists and performers travelling from all of the UK. A show held over seven hours with over 30 competitors in three categories
7 Males, 5 mixed Doubles & 13 females and 10 World Class Champions and performers, who will be judged on creativity, costumes, pole technique and death defying tricks, elegance and showmanship including the artistic side of pole dance, jaw dropping performances, where it seems gravity knows no boundaries, this really is pole sport, dance and fitness at its very best!! 

More detailed information on the competition rules can be found on

The celebrations will include show stopping performances from a host of top performers and special VIP guests, many now seen on BBC’s Got to Dance and Britain’s got Talent TV shows

       -      Dave Skda        -  Mr Pole Fitness UK Current National Champion
       -      Yvette Dusol     -  Miss Pole Dance UK Current National Champion
       -      Sarah Scott      -  Former Miss Pole Dance UK National Champion 2012
       -      Jess Leanne Norris - Former Miss Pole Dance UK National Champion
       -      Terri Walsh & Lisette Krol -  World Pole Dance Doubles champions & Former
               Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles Champions
-       Sally Ann Giles     -  Former Miss Pole Dance UK National Champion 2007
-       Daniel Rosen    - Former MR Pole Fitness UK  National Champion 2013 & BGT 2014 star
-       Charlotte Robertson  - Former Miss Pole Dance UK -runner up
-       Nadia Budurusi - Pole Pioneer and aerial Performer from Romania - School de  Cirque BUDURUSI
-          plus  Kay Penney the local dance school Fi Steps, featuring the founder of Miss Pole Dance Kay Penney, who are no strangers to the Hawth and local busker, Antonio,  talent spotted in Crawley town centre, will be given a guitar solo
Miss Pole Dance UK professional Championships started back in 2005 in Brighton’s Honey club, with a view to educating the masses, giving the credibility to the dancers that they deserved
The competition and indeed the entire pole dance and fitness community has expanded over the years, exponentially, now having outgrown the Honey Club, the competition had to find a new home and has been  currently hosted annually at the Arts Hawth theatre, Crawley, West Sussex for the last three years
The Three competitions will run back to back over a SEVEN hour show!
-       Miss Pole Dance UK (Females-13 competitors)  
-       Miss Pole Dance UK Doubles (males/females/mixed-(5 doubles)

-       Mr Pole Fitness UK males (Males-7 competitors) 

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