Thursday, 6 October 2011

Alesia Vazmitsel WINNER of World Pole Dance 2011 - Budapest

Alesia Vazmitsel Belarus
NOW CROWNED world champion 2011

Alesia started dancing at the age of four. From age 11 she trained at a circus school and took lessons of different dancing styles. She also holds B.Sc in Business Administration. She has been pole dancing since 1997. She started poling for fitness 6years ago as she wanted to get in shape after having her child.

2008 was a great year for her as she entered the glamour category for Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championship in Scala (London) and took home the winning title a defining point in her pole dance career.
In 2009 she entered to the World Pole Championship held in Jamaica and took the 3rd place. She vowed then to finish her competition career!!

In April 2010 she broke a record at the Guinness World Record Show (the longest time to hold the acrobatic pole dancing position called “the sword” is 1 minute 24.62 seconds). She also started to train on the aerial tissues (silks) and she is progressing at a steady pace. Her hobbies include various sports: swimming, weightlifting, acrobatics and acro balance.
In 2010 she entered World Pole Dance once more taking 4th place and winning best costume award.
She is always happy to try something new. This she can discover while travelling to another countries or continents. She likes visiting new places, meeting people and trying local food. This year she went to Brazil and Australia to share her teaching experience with other poledancers. She also took part at the Pole International Showcase 2011 - Pole Reflections in Sydney and shared the stage with the most famous female and male dancers such Remi Martin, Jamilla Deville, Marlo, Adam Devis. She will be involved at the new opera of Igor Stravinsky -"Rakes Progress" with her Pole Dance acts this year.

For her to win this championships is like a dream, she was genuinely shocked to hear her name announced and in her winning speech she expresses that this is the best feeling in the world and for 14 years she could only dream of this day
Alesia is a great ambassador for the pole dance community and we congratulate her on her win

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