Wednesday, 5 October 2011

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World Pole Sport and Fitness 2011 – Budapest Pole Dancing at its best

The first weekend of October saw the event that Pole Dance and Fitness professionals and exercise professionals and pole instructors all over the world had been waiting for - The Worlds Pole Sport and Fitness (Official World Pole Dance Championships 2011). Presented by Pole Passion – UK; Doll House – Hungary; and Loft1 Fitness - Switzerland, the Championships – dubbed “the World Cup of Pole Dance Fitness”- took place at the BVUSS Sports centre, “Budaörsi Városi Sportcsarnok, Uszoda és Strand” 2040, Budaörs, Hársfa Street 6. Hungary.

Many competitors have a career in fitness or work in a gym or are fitness training instructors or personal trainers. The competition saw 13 finalists from every corner of the globe compete in the female singles category, for a chance to hold the coveted title for the coming year. Top seed Felix Cane representing Australia (of Cirque du Soleil) was unable to attend due to her ever increasing work commitments since her phenomenal second world champion win last year in Switzerland. Rafaela Montanaro (Brazil) was also unable to participate this year due to injury, and pulled out last minute, however Marie Luz Escalante (Argentina) automatically went through to the finals – second seed, with the remaining twelve places up for grabs during the four group preliminary stages held in Hungary on 29th September (a mixture of 39 seeded and unseeded wildcard entries).

In this years event, two new categories ran for the first time ever – Male Singles and Synchronised Doubles. The inclusion of these new categories demonstrating the ever increasing popularity of pole fitness and its gradual but relentless move towards acceptance as a mainstream form of fitness.
During the competition, contestants were judged on their presentation; dance and fitness; and pole tricks. The standard was unbelievably high from all contestants, with beautifully choreographed routines, superhuman strength, death defying stunts, impossible spins and seamless transitions demonstrated by all.

In the Female category, Hanka Venselaar from Holland, who didn’t quite make it to the finals last year, progressed massively and took third place, as well as Best Pole Tricks Award, after wowing the audience and judges alike with her seamless and daring tricks. Second place went to Laurence Hilsum from France with a beautifully choreographed routine. Laurence was a finalist last year. But the final’s champion was Miss Pole Dance UK champion in 2009, and World Pole Dance finalist last year, Alesia Vazmitsel, who took home the crown for Belarus after performing a spell-binding routine with her trademark flexibility, incredible strength innovative moves and tricks and smooth combinations – telling her story through a dream performance where she expressed most of her new moves are created through her dreams. Alesia expressed the day before she felt she was taking a risk with new choreography for her – she was nervous and self-doubting, but after a sympathetic ear and words of encouragement she performed her faultless routine with immaculate precision.

In the synchronised doubles category, Ilka Bardoczy and Barbara Palmaffy took first place for the hosting country of Hungary, as well as Best Pole Tricks award. Kate Johnstone and Bendy Kate took 2nd place representing the UK; as well as Best Entertainer Award, with a highly original concept and routine, UK doubles only being together training for about one year and have had additional training in the circus arts and acro balance. Michelle Shimmy and Matty Shields travelled all the way from Australia, demonstrated amazing and equal strength and took third place

In the New Males category, Evgeny Greshilov from Russia took first place, as well as the awards for Best Pole Tricks and Best Entertainer. Keem Martinez, representing the UK, took second place after a standing ovation from the crowd. Third place went to Loic Lebret from France, whose dazzling outfit of glittering stones won him the Best Costume Award.

Founder and co organiser Kay Penney had this to say about the event “I am so proud that all the competitors have exhibited such a high professional standard of dance performance, fitness, strength and decorum during the competition. The World Pole Dance Champions must be both athletes and ambassadors for the pole industry and I believe that in all the categories we have found the Champions to fly the flag world wide”.

For more information on the World Championships and Pole Passion please email
Tel: UK 0871 318 3838 or +44 (0) 7921948606

Kay Penney Managing Director Pole Passion & World Pole Dance

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