Monday, 24 October 2011

The History of World Pole Dance

Pole Passion Presents The History of World Pole Dance

In 2004 the first World Pole Dance champion was crowned in Holland name unknown at this time
Yvengenia S

In 2005 World Pole Dance was held in Holland again
Elena Gibson from the UK was crowned but was then disqualified the following day by the organiser John Benner due to the controversial ‘stripping’ rule
Reiko Suemune of Japan who came second therefore took the crown

The History of Miss Pole Dance UK
Miss Pole Dance UK 2005/06 – Elena Gibson
Miss Pole Dance UK 2006/07 – Tracey Simmonds
Miss Pole Dance UK 2007/08 – Sally Anne Giles
Miss Pole Dance UK 2008/9 – Alesia Vazmitsel
Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/10 – Maxine Betts
Miss Pole Dance UK 2011/12 – Jess Leanne Norris

In 2009 World Pole Dance, also known as World Pole Sport & fitness was held in
Jamaica at Hedonism III
Was won by Felix Cane representing Australia

In 2010 World Pole Dance was held in
Was won by Felix Cane again for the second time representing Australia

In 2011 World Pole Dance had two new categories added and was held in
Female singles – Belarus - Alesia Vazmitsel
Male Singles – Russia – Evengy Grishilov
Synchronised doubles - Hungary - Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy

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