Friday, 14 October 2011

Kay Penney to Judge Pole For U and I Inter University Competition 2012

Pole for yoU aNd I was set up in 2010 with our first competition held on February 19th 2011.

The vision of pole for yoU aNd I is a competition run for students by students.It's aim is to bring students together to celebrate the art of pole and making an arena where competition is a achievable reality like it is in all other university sports.

The founders and organisers of Pole for yoU aNd I are Amadea Hills, Anna Meekums and Vici Hemming (this is who you'll be talking to throughout the process of entering and competing in the event). They were all members of a university Pole Fitness Society when they entered their first external competition and considered entering an inter-university competition if possible. Upon looking in to entering such an event, they found that there was nothing of this kind available in the UK. The event was set up not long after with the first competition happening in February 2011.

Amadea, Anna and Vici are looking forward to making Pole for yoU aNd I even bigger and better than last year and are excited to meet everyone again in 2012.

Professional and experienced judges this year will be headed by Kay Penney probably one of the most highly qualified competition judges in the world with judging over 40 competitions world wide since the beginning of national and international championships since competition introduction since 2005 Kay is the founder of the largest National pole dance championships Miss Pole Dance UK and World Pole Dance now incorporating over 26 different countries and their cultures
She is excited to support the competitors and hopes to be seeing a future world champion amongst them too.

Also on the judging panel is Jess Leanne Norris - the current Miss Pole Dance UK professional champion and Pippa Caesar who is also an international judge and tricks expert.

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