Thursday, 6 October 2011

Kate and Bendy Kate runners up World Pole Dance Championships Budapest 2011

Kate Johnstone and Bendy Kate are great ambassadors for World Pole Sport and Fitness 2011 championships

They started training for doubles a year ago for their pole school - Spin City's 2nd Birthday Party and since then have brought a unique, acrobatic style to doubles pole performances. Bendy acts as the flyer in the partnership due to her acrobatic background where as Kate is the base and holds herself and Bendy with phenomenal strength. Bendy is 21 and has been poling for just under 2 years, Kate who has just turned 29 has been poling for 5 years. For Kate and Bendy doubles pole has been an opportunity for Bendy to relive her acrobatic days and Kate has had the opportunity to develop new moves and challenge herself as a choreographer!

They have also developed a unique friendship and trust since becoming a partnership last year. This is Kate's last doubles performance so this is a very special competition for them and they hope to go out in spectacular style!
Kate and Kate are also Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 synchronised Doubles champions

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