Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Evgeny Grishilov The World Champion Pole Dancer male Division

In the New Males category, for World Pole sport and Fitness, Evgeny Greshilov from Russia took first place, as well as the awards for Best Pole Tricks and Best Entertainer.

MENS World Pole Dance Champion 2011

Evgeny Greshilov was born in a small town in Siberia. As a boy, he had experience in different kinds of sports and drama studio. After school he arrived in Moscow for his education and graduated from Government College of Circus arts. Like artist of circus he performed in Great Moscow Circus (2006) and took part in a show "Shangrila-3", Japan (2007), as an aerial gymnast and a dancer. He Graduated Government University of Culture and Arts, department choreography. He worked in a dance troupe of the one Russian singer, for about 3 years. At this moment he is working as an instructor of different dance styles, such as: Hip-hop, House, Contemporary, and Pole Dance and has been practicing pole dance many years ago, but seriously started pole dancing little more than 2 years ago. In spring 2010 he knew about World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship and decided to take part then.
‘ In the process of preparation and presentation I realized that it was mine! =) In this art i can combine all that i can. I can express my perceptions of the music in dance. I can do power and acrobatic elements! This is what i was looking for. And finally have found it thanks to this championships and the rules that it allows. That's what I do with great pleasure! And it is more and more like it! Professional growth and development is very important for me!’

His listed achievements in the Pole Dance: 1-st place “2-nd CUP ARDO” (2010) Moscow
1-st place “Golden Pole” (2010) Krasnodar1-st place “Russian Pole Dance and Fitness Competition”
(2010) Moscow The Best Russian Pole Dancer 2010/2011.
1-st place “Aerial Pole International Championship” (2011) Bern, Switzerland
1st place World Pole Sport and Fitness Championships Budapest October 1st 2011 Men’s Division

Keem Martinez, representing the UK, took second place after a standing ovation from the crowd. Third place went to Loic Lebret from France, whose dazzling outfit of glittering stones won him the Best Costume Award.

for more information contact Kay Penney organiser

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