Friday, 7 October 2011

Rpole the Benefits ~ The most Portable lightweight Pole dancing pole available IN THE WORLD

The benefits Rpole
Some people still call it a striper pole
some people use it in a gym
some people use it for pole fitness
some people call it a pole dance pole
some people use it for pole dancing
some people like to pole, wearing their heels heels heels !!
some people like to do it with more than one on the pole

This new revolutionary and incredibly portable free standing pole caters for all - listed below are the benefit as to why you should use the Rpole

Lightweight, the most portable pole in the world
Smaller pole dimension for a more secure and confident grip for the smaller hands
Manufactured in the UK to highest of British and European safety standards. Helps comply with the duty of care regulations
Medically endorsed
Ease of putting up and taking down - within minutes
No spanners
No Allan keys
No step ladders
No tools
No complicated manuals or DVD’s to follow - simple design
No additional staff required to set up poles with top loading mechanisms
No additional weights or sand bags required to balance and secure the base of the pole
Easily transportable via the smallest of cars
Easy to transport via public transport, can be checked in on an airline under sporting equipment
You can mix and match with all the Rpole products, making it very versatile
Choice of pole colours
Choice of pole grip ability stainless steel or a powder coated with a stronger grip
Choice of pole heights - domestic or gym professional
Poling now anywhere even in the water - it is rust free (stainless steel pole only)
Easy carry bag with wheels - optional extra
No chrome to peel or wear off
British and European safety standard compliant
The chance to win your pole cost back
Up in literally minutes - our 13 pole studio was timed to take 4 minutes 20 seconds with 3 member of staff
The Rpole is designed, however, for the students to set up the pole, NOT the instructors
Will not damage or mark floors or ceilings
Will fit in a home, park or garden, beach, suitable public and private demos and parties
Professional and elegant design
Better core work out, balance and control required compared to a fixed floor to ceiling pole
Can incorporate floor work as part of your routine as no stage restricting movements
Suitable for promotions, production, stage shows and music videos
Hard and soft bases available

Pole Dancing, Pole Fitness, Pole Performance, Pole fun ~ YOU decide

Contact Sales Manager at Pole Passion ~ Paula Bines and her friendly team tel: 01293 888200
online purchases now available world wide

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Jason Moorrey said...

I just love to see how pole dancers play with the poles. The way they move, the way they do is just stunning. I have joined Pole Dancing Class in Shanghai. I know how difficult job is this but I give you the real joy.