Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Male Pole Dancers create history World Pole Dance 2011 BUDAPEST

Loic had the incredible history making challenge of opening the 211 show representing the future of male pole dance and fitness world wide with his amazing costume which he designed himself and won best costume award. He was technically perfect and with his solid performance the crowd erupted with his emotive performance a phenomenal opening.
Alexandra, the eldest competitor of the championships performed a manly Chinese inspired performance using his strength to climb the pole with his pumps with his incredible leaps and drops which were breath taking.
Ferios from Mexico had a very dance inspired performance demonstrating incredible strength and flexibility.
Next up was Keem with his unique and challenging costume as a mermaid - the only performance seen with legs tied together!! his music malfunction, stopping his routine under the 3 minute rule, whilst the whole crowd gave him a standing ovation clapping to his silent rhythm encouraging him to continue. The judges gave him the opportunity to perform once more which he did to perfection the second time.
Evgeny Greshilov new to World Pole Dance merged his charisma, talent and other dance styles to his show, a combination of fun and acrobatics, dance and strength winning the hearts of the judges and crowd winning him first prize.
Davide from Italy performed a circus inspried theatre style performance as a joker.
Matty Shields from Australia also an unknown performed for his second time after his doubles performance His Aboriginal style performance and urban dance style created a unique, entertaining and fluid performance, a great start to the world of Kings on the pole.


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