Thursday, 6 October 2011

Astra Beck Aerial hoops and Silks tuition

Next class December 11th 2011 at Taylors Retreat Dorking

Astra has been working with Pole Passion and in the circus entertainment industry for the last ten years as an aerialist and circus performer. Specializing in aerial hoop and silks but also skilled at static trapeze, doubles trapeze, rope and cloudswing. She is now keen to pass on her knowledge of the aerial arts to anyone who is interested in learning. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and has discovered a love of teaching during recent years through teaching pole dancing for fun, fitness and confidence.

Due to the success of the sessions Astra will be teaching another 2 hour mixed ability workshop in hoop and silks. These sessions are suitable for complete beginners wanting to try these skills out, for those who have got the aerial bug and want more and also for those old timers who just can’t get enough of it! No previous experience is necessary but I would advise any newcomers that the ability to do an unassisted pull up or an inversion is a requirement as this is an aerial class and we will be needing some basic upper body strength in order to climb and use the equipment.

Hoop and silks are classic pieces of circus aerial equipment. During the session we will learn how to use the equipment safely, a basic vocabulary of moves and positions, along with technique and conditioning exercises, as many tricks as we can fit in and for the more advanced students we will be working on short sequences of moves.

Please wear comfortable training clothing that covers the legs such as leggings, tracksuits, catsuits etc. We will be working in bare feet. Some people find it useful to bring training gloves for doing hoop as they find that their hands become sore.
Benefits: You will develop core strength, particularly in the upper body and stomach regions, flexibility, agility, confidence and a new skill!

Please note that these sessions are challenging so come fully prepared to work hard!

call 0871 318 3838 for reservations

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