Tuesday 10 January 2012

Pole Dancers Justine McLucas & Kate Czepulkowski final get through to Got To Dance

Got to Dance research team have been very keen to get Pole Dancing presented on their show for the last few years. Judges Ashley Banjo, Kimberly Wyatt and Adam Garcia were suitably amazed at the strength and agility both ladies demonstrated during the audition process.

Ashley and Adam even got to have a go for the first time

Kate seen here on the right dressed as a clown during the award ceremony at World Pole Dance - 2011 Budapest

Pole Passion was contacted through their National championships
Miss Pole Dance UK - the largest and most established pole dance championships in the country creating champions such as Alesia Vazmitsel currently the world champion, Maxine Betts, Tracey Simmonds, www.misspoledance-uk.com

Finally, Justine McLucas, aged 30, an ex ballet dancer and currently ranked No.2 in Miss Pole Dance UK Championships just narrowly missing No. 1 spot to the talented 18 year old Jess Leanne Norris from Bolton,

and Kate Czepulkowski age 21 also known to her dance friends as Bendy Kate

Justine and Bendy both represented the UK in World Pole Dance championships in Budapest too last October - Justine in the singles category and Bendy in the doubles where she and her partner Kate Johnstone are currently ranked 2nd position



we are thrilled and wishing them the best of luck It can only be a positive step in changing peoples perceptions from how it used to be in the 80's to how it is now

for more information about pole fitness and lessons visit www.polepassion.com

if you would like to see Justine and Bendy and other performers like them then visit Miss Pole Dance UK 2nd June 2012 in Brighton

Tickets now on sale


Rpole New Year Challenge has begun

- Rpole is setting you a New Year challenge 2012

- post in your youtube clips of climbing your poles with no lower part of your body touching the pole at any time! inc. legs, feet, thighs etc Just the use of your hands!!

Measure the height of the pole and let us know how high
The challenge is set By Jo Greer of Plymouth on the free standing Pro Rpoles
Rpole 2.5mtrs x 4 consecutive climbs without touching the floor - last year on Pole Passion Instructor training

Instructors and students are invited to join in
anyone can enter male or female


Crawley's Got Talent tickets, Pole Dancing Red Gets through to the final

Pole Passion's Paula Bines, also dance name known as 'Red', has got through to the local Crawley's got Talent finals, at the Hawth theatre, Saturday 11th February - yes indeed - a dance routine on the pole!! -

Please let her know via email - theteam@polepassion.com if you wish to know more about it and how you can support her on the evening

You are all welcome to come along and cheer her on xx She is awesome and started Pole Fitness with Pole Passion, as a student, some two and a half years ago.

Tickets can be purchased on the link below