Thursday 29 December 2011

Pole Passion Blogging Thank you as we welcome in 2012 our 11th year

Wow more amazing comments on Pole Passion Blogging

I was happy and thrilled to receive such wonderful comments today with a little back log of emails from the Christmas period
Tapping away for what now seems my life (yes I have children and a very supportive husband that perhaps I take for granted over the passion of my subject , hobby and job ) – the pole!

I just want to say a huge thank you to all my supporters, friends and colleagues and to step back from busy life and to be grateful that I have the opportunity to share my knowledge (Pole Passion).

I started this business just over 10 years ago for personal growth and development, mentally and physically, which still continues 10 years on but had no idea at the time I would be inspiring so many worldwide either (at the beginning the internet and mobile phones did not exist!!)

With this thought I will promise to share more of my ’Secrets’ in 2012 and continue to work hard for myself, family and friends near and far.
With the knowledge of Wishing you all an amazing 2012 which will be more positive than before creating you and I more fabulous opportunities remaining healthy as possible both mentally and physically
I wish you all to LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH daily and unselfishly and my very special wishes go to my personal friend, Marion of over 20 years (she was a huge inspiration to me at the grand old age of 99 years, who I found out had passed away Christmas Eve) her wisdom lives on…….
Hugs & Passion Kay Penney  x


Atlanta Georgia USA - This is a smart blog. I mean it. You have so much knowledge about this issue, and so much passion. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses. You’ve got a design here that’s not too flashy, but makes a statement as big as your Company
NewYork USA - It is rare for me to discover something on the web that's as entertaining and intriguing as what you've got here. Your page is lovely, your graphics are outstanding, and what's more, you use source that are relevant to what you're talking about.
Great article, I just given this onto a co-worker who was doing a little research on that. And he in fact purchased me lunch because I discovered it for him FD :) .. So let me reword that:

Thanks for the treat! But yeah Thankx for taking the time to talk about pole

Thnkx so much for this! I have not been this thrilled by a post for a long time! You have got it, whatever that means in blogging. Well, You are definitely someone that has something to say that people need to hear. Keep up the great work. Keep on inspiring

Thursday 22 December 2011

Job opportunities with Pole Passion 2012

Pole Dance and Fitness Your Passion ??

Do you want to earn lots of money doing what you love to do - Part time of full time opportunities available world wide
If you have a Passion for pole and want to share the secrets of the pole with other like minded individuals, then seriously think about becoming accredited and certified with industry leaders - Pole Passion. This identifies that you have been assessed and measured for the highest award in the Pole Fitness Industry
License opportunities and affiliations with one of the highest and well respected pole brands in the world now has opportunities for you.
Please email for further details to :- and visit this link and YouTube link

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Is it safe to use a fake tan during pole dancing for fitness?

Do Pole Dancers Use tanning products and is it safe to do so?

- We do generally have a code of conduct for safety reasons here.

Do NOT to apply a face tan or body tan up to 24 hours before going on the pole and always shower after tan application.
This is for two reasons as some tanning products can cause a slight slippery (oil based) residue which may make a participant slip off the pole (not a good practice and very dangerous!) the second reason is they may deposit a slippery residue when using the equipment for other people using the equipment.
Our general rule is NOT to apply any cream, lotions or moisturisers prior to going on the equipment - showering before is highly recommended.

There are many pole gripping products now on the market, that are suitable for use, prior to pole which helps with pole technique, however non that are of a tanning/colouring nature for the skin!!

Mighty grip – powder based
Dew Point Pole – Moisturising grip
Gorilla Gold – tacky wax impregnated cloth
Liquid Chalk – liquid chalky based

visit -

Pole Passion Christmas opening hours 2011

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Pole Passion Office Opening hours over the Christmas period


21st December last day of office working close at 5pm
Thursday 22nd December – 8.30 - 6pm (answer service only for urgent matters)
Friday 23rd December – 8.30 - 6pm (answer service only for urgent matters)
Saturday 24th December – Closed
Sunday 25th December – Closed
Monday 26th December – Closed
Tuesday 27th December – Closed
Wednesday 28th December – 8.30 - 6pm (office open as usual)
Thursday 29th December – 8.30 - 6pm
Friday 30th December – 8.30 - 6pm
Saturday 31st December – Closed
Sunday 1st January – Closed
Monday 2nd January – Closed
Tuesday 3rd January – 8.30 - 6pm (as usual) and after that its back to business.

PLEASE NOTE: We will work hard to ship out all shop orders during the Christmas and New Year Period with minimal delay

Pole Passion Instructor Training - Pole & Burlesque - what makes us so unique and special

Highlights of the Pole Passion Pole & Burlesque Instructor training

Pole Passion’s foundations were established in the Pole industry from its birth here in the UK since the early 2000’s before it was desired as a fitness form and most definitely before it was considered as one of the new ideas for thousands of ladies and some men, across the world to keep healthy and active while having great challenging fun.

Founder Kay Penney, passionate about all things fitness, decided to think out of the box and design something new for the fitness industry. Of course it didn’t start out like that as Kay found the techniques on and around the pole a personal challenge when looking for something to rekindle her figure and mental positivity, after having given birth of her third child. A mammoth and almost impossible task at that time, especially as the fitness consultant she employed to help her, after one year, told her Pole Dance and Fitness would not be accepted or accredited in the fitness industry and IF they were,!! it would take at least 8 years or so – Fuelled by those words, Kay, what some two years later, had Pole Passion’s comprehensive fitness Instructor level 1 and Advanced level 2 courses accredited by REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) the route of all European fitness professionals that are monitored yearly and governed by strict code of conducts. Later published, Elite Accredited Level 3 and Burlesque for Fitness accredited courses, now also offered.

Pole Passion today is one of the most highly recognised Pole Training Providers and Brands in the pole world – developing comprehensive courses with great, comprehensive content and excellent value for money. One day courses costing as little as £150, we also offer discounts if more than one course is booked at the same time too. Students have attended as far from the USA, Russia, Europe, Ireland and Scotland to learn the Pole Passion way. We pride ourselves on being thorough and progressing each individual to their next stage, before, during and after they have attended our courses, whether an experienced instructor already with a fitness and dance back grounds looking for the well-deserved credibility or whether totally new to fitness, dance and or the pole 

The main benefits of becoming accredited have to be by far the credibility aspect and industry recognition in what you do is recognised and awarded to the highest of industry awards not to mention the fact your insurance will be cheaper and valid too. You will have the confidence and peace of mind you are teaching safely, correctly and effectively:- learning ways of progressing and supporting your participants without causing possible delayed injury or incorrect techniques.

Visit our website for our testimonials -

Our other achievements
Uniquely we wrote the Code of Pole Practice in 2006 to help set the industry standards, desperate to keep and acknowledge all the hard work that was being invested and created in the pole industry by this time. We designed rules and regulations for national and international competitions of all grades and created courses and invited the first master trainers to the UK by the arrival of Pantera USA in 2006 to support UK polers. NEW for 2012 we are now offering license opportunities to join our team at a very low set up costs once you have reached the required industry standards. We also offer you to join our Rpole equipment affiliate programme whereby sharing the rewards throughout the pole industry. Rpole was innovated by the Pole Passion team as there was a need for a portable and lightweight pole that could go anywhere, easily, to support our training programmes – Today we are proud to have created the world’s first, most portable and lightest pole in the world. We inspire people from all walks of life, from world champions, Felix Cane and Alesia Vazmitsel to everyday people, like me, offering world wide networking opportunities and to be part of World Pole Dance and Miss Pole Dance UK, owned and operated by Pole Passion, with our motto always being -

Empowerment, Confidence, Fitness & FUN!

Kay Penney : Founder Pole Passion LTD;;;;

Monday 5 December 2011

Jess Leanne Norris Master Class Brighton hosted by Pole Passion 3rd December 2011

Jess Leanne Norris Master Class Training December 3rd 2011


Many thanks to Jess for travelling down to Brighton to host her first Master Class with Pole Passion since the successful win of Miss Pole Dance UK Professional championships 2011 in July
Jess took 36 girls through the grilling pace of her training routines from cross ankle release sit ups up the pole, to spin combinations on the free standing Rpoles and floor to ceiling poles in Brighton studio where Pantera Blacksmith (USA) pole tricks expert also hosted one of her very first Master class with Pole Passion years ago.
Jess worked hard supporting the girls of all standards and experiences and with her friendly manner and supportive approach making the day run smoothly, transitioning into the amazing Christmas Party also hosted by Pole Passion as a thank you to the pole girls near and far

A very big thank you to Jess for supporting the polers in the South and we look forward to seeing you again soon
Each participant received a signed certificate by Jess as a record and memento of the day

For more information about Master Classes hosted by Pole Passion please visit

Proud to be supporting the Pole Dance & Fitness Industry and promoting the very talented

Jess Leanne Norris Miss Pole Dance UK 2011 Champion Master Class & Christmas performances presented by Pole Passion

A massive massive thank you to all involved in the Jess Norris Master Class & Christmas Burlesque and pole party this Saturday 3rd December hosted by Pole Passion in Brighton
The spectacular event celebrating with all the polers and dancers with their friends

Each and every member committed 1000% and special thanks to
Steve Penney for the use of the portable Rpoles ….wow …. Now with lights!! making the party so much more flexible and seamless with movements of the poles on and off the stage

Special Guest Performances by
The amazing Jess Leanne Norris – Miss Pole Dance UK Pro champion (JLN studios) with her jaw dropping Pole Performances and fun personality
Maria singing Welcome to Burlesque, Marilyn Monroe style with the backing dancers Passionettes Natasha, Kay and Paula – and thank you to Mike the Keyboard player
Paula Red Bines – pole performance – Pole Passion Instructor
Anna P – her first ever full pole performance – Pole Passion Instructor
Kay Penney – Ana Dupre doing her version of ‘Dawn ‘til Dusk’ routine with a special thanks to Santa Den for allowing the Vodka to be dribbled down her leg into his mouth!!! – Hope you didn’t get too wet! And that your Grotto experiences will last a life time although we did notice you were distracted and did forget to give out the presents lol

Natalie Farmer – Pole and burlesque style performance
Natalie Watkins, Sam and team with 12 foot long python Mayhem for making it to the celebrations and giving that extra special wow to the evening
Jenni, Carol, Alison, Aimee with impromptu pole performance with special thanks to the Bognor, Crawley, Redhill and Burgess Hill girls all looking amazing
To Chloe, Sue, Ebony, Debbie and the wonderful Donna who, as always was above and beyond
Danny DJ and Karen for the amazing sounds and venue decorations. To the venue Smugglers and Nice N Naughty entertaining us with Naughty and Nice things  to Spinny t bags bringing along her collection of pole jewellery

Stephanie Julanne and Jos for supporting the team with Michael the photographer – more photos coming soon
For more Pole Passion News, events, news on pole innovations, master classes and lessons visit the below websites

Tel: 08971 318 3838

Thursday 17 November 2011

Components of Pole Fitness from Pole Passion

Components of pole fitness from Pole Passion

Alesia Vazmitsel ~ World Pole Sport & Fitness Champion 2011

Think F.I.T. - So why has Pole fitness become so popular as the new form of exercise in gyms world wide? It's easy, the techniques incorporate all the elements and components of fitness - identified by Kay Penney, founder of Pole Passion, in 2001 when she first embarked on pole exercise and begun to write her extensive instructor training programme . With her comprehensive fitness experience and knowledge she begun her quest to make it available to all, safely and effectively.

So how does Pole Fitness work?? To make physical improvements in your body, you need to work your body and muscles harder than usual. This is referred to as the overload principle. As your body becomes more conditioned, you need to increase the frequency, intensity, or time of your workouts in order to continue improving your pole fitness level.
Frequency: How often you exercise on the pole . For beginners, consider starting with 2-3, 45 minutes to 1 hr sessions per week.

Intensity: How hard you exercise. For example, the pace you walk or spin around the pole, the amount of weight you lift (you can always add leg weights or wrist weights to increase this increasing your heart rate too.

Time: How long you perform an activity. "Time" can also refer to the number of sets or repetitions you perform in your sequences and training and the length of your performance and routine Start off with 1 minute routines then progess in 30 seconds at a time until you reach competition and world class standard of 6 minutes.
Exercise Component 1: Aerobic Exercise in general

Aerobic exercise increases the health and function of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. For maximum effectiveness, aerobic exercise needs to be rhythmic, continuous and involve the large muscle groups (primarily located in the lower part of your body.) Pole fitness incorporates this component such as walking, jogging, cycling, aerobic dance, and stair climbing, all being excellent examples of activities that use large muscle groups. Activities combining upper and lower body movements such as Pole fitness and cross-country skiing, rowing, and swimming can lead to even higher levels of aerobic capacity.

Exercise Component 2: Strength Training in general

Strength training is the process of exercising with progressively heavier resistance to build or retain muscle. Unless you perform regular strength exercise, you will lose up to one-half pound of muscle every year of life after age 25. Muscle is a very active tissue with high energy requirements, even when you are asleep, your muscles are responsible for over 25% of your calorie use. An increase in muscle tissue causes a corresponding increase in the number of calories your body will burn, even at rest. So by building the pole dancing muscles will help increase your metabolism.

Exercise Component 3: Flexibility in general

Flexibility is a critical element of an exercise program but it is often overlooked. Stretching is important for a number of reasons; increases physical performance, decreases risk of injury, increases blood supply and nutrients to the joints, increases neuromuscular coordination, reduces soreness, improves balance, decreases risk of low back pain, and reduces stress in muscles and gives you more variety on the pole and during floor work.

Strength Training basics

We’d like to fill in the gap by giving you the foundation of any safe and effective strength
training routine. You’ll learn the names of the major muscle groups and the exercises that target them, the difference between sets and reps, the elements of proper form, and the basics of frequency and progression.

The Major Muscle Groups during Pole Exercise

When selecting exercises for your strength routine, it’s important to choose at least one exercise for each major muscle group. This prevents muscle imbalances that can lead to injury. Let’s take a look at the major muscle groups and a few of the exercises that target them:

• Gluteals – This group of muscles (often referred to as ‘glutes’) includes the gluteus maximus, which is the big muscle covering your bottom. Common exercises are the squat and the leg press machine. The glutes also come into play during lunges, tall box step ups, and plyometric jumps. POLE – Body swerve, high leg hook.

• Quadriceps – This group of muscles makes up the front of the thigh. Exercises include squats, lunges, leg extension machine, and leg press machine. POLE – pole glide, double and single leg descend, pole back, back hook spin

• Hamstrings – These muscles make up the back of the thigh. Exercises include squats, lunges, leg press machine, and leg curl machine POLE – double and single leg decend, donkey kick

• Hip abductors and adductors – These are the muscles of the inner and outer thigh. The abductors are on the outside and move the leg away from the body. The adductors are on the inside and pull the leg across the centerline of the body. These muscles can be worked with a variety of side-lying leg lifts, standing cable pulls, and multi-hip machines. POLE - Back hook spin knees apart

• Calf – The calf muscles are on the back or the lower leg. They include the gastrocnemius and the soleus. The gastrocnemius is what gives the calf its strong rounded shape. The soleus is a flat muscle running under the gastrocnemius. Standing calf raises give the gastrocnemius a good workout, while seated or bent knee calf raises place special emphasis on the soleus. These small muscles can handle a relatively large amount of weight. POLE – standing on tip toes, pogo pole jumps

• Low back – The erector spinae muscles extend the back and aid in good posture. Exercises include the back extension machine and prone back extension exercises. These muscles also come into play during the squat and dead lift. POLE - good posture, pole desend and assend

• Abdominals – These muscles include the rectus abdominus, a large flat muscle running the length of the abdomen, and the external obliques, which run down the sides and front of the abdomen. Exercises such as standard crunches and curls target the rectus abdominus. Reverse curls and crunches (where the hips are lifted instead of the head and shoulders) target the lower portion of this muscle. Crunches involving a rotation or twist work the external obliques. POLE – high leg kick, spinning scissors

• Pectoralis major – Large fan shaped muscle that covers the front of the upper chest. Exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, regular and incline bench press, and the pec deck machine. POLE floor work, floor to standing

• Rhomboids – Muscles in the middle of the upper back between the shoulder blades. They’re worked during chin-ups, dumbbell bent rows, and other moves that bring the shoulder blades together. POLE – centre body on pole

• Trapezius – Upper portion of the back, sometimes referred to as ‘traps.’ The upper trapezius is the muscle running from the back of the neck to the shoulder. Exercises include upright rows, and shoulder shrugs with resistance. POLE – pole climb

• Latisimus dorsi – Large muscles of the mid-back. When properly trained they give the back a nice V shape, making the waist appear smaller. Exercises include pull-ups, chin-ups, one arm bent rows, dips on parallel bars, and the lat pull-down machine. POLE – Pole climb

• Deltoids – The cap of the shoulder. This muscle has three parts, anterior deltoid (the front), medial deltoid (the middle), and posterior deltoid (the rear). Different movements target the different heads. The anterior deltoid is worked with push-ups, bench press, and front dumbbell raises. Standing lateral (side) dumbbell raises target the medial deltoid. Rear dumbbell raises (done while seated and bent at the waist, or lying face down on a flat bench) target the posterior deltoid. POLE - spins

• Biceps – The front of the upper arm. The best moves are biceps curls. They can be done with a barbell, dumbbells, or a machine. Other pulling movements like chin-ups and upright rows also involve the biceps. POLE – back bend pose, pole climb

• Triceps – The back of the upper arm. Exercises include pushing movements like push-ups, dips, triceps extensions, triceps kick-backs, and overhead (French) presses. The triceps also come into play during the bench press and military press. POLE – Caterpillar Flag Flatline Scorpio

For world class training and more information about Pole fitness courses for students and instructors visit our website

Leaders in Pole Fitness training - Empowerment Confidence Fitness & FUN!

Burlesque Instructor training ~ Burlesque Passion November 2011

November 2011 REP’s Accredited Burlesque instructor training for Fitness & Performance
a small selection of videos from the training course ~ Enjoy darlings xx

Gabriela Von Schmitte -

Travelling all the way from Germany to successfully complete her Burlesque for fitness and dance performance.
Seen here is Martina’s own choreography from the hundreds of moves she has learnt from the two and a half days, already a Pole dance Instructor she is keen now to combine her new moves on and around the pole (as her prop) .

Lady Iza Vamp -

This is Lara’s first performance and first time at choreographing her routine from just two days of learning the burlesque techniques. Lara also made her own bustle and is now keen to do her performance for a live audience
This incredible lady who has no formal dance or fitness training or background in just two and a half days created her own routine shown here from the knowledge and experience of Ana Dupre (AKA) Kay Penney Burlesque Passion Instructor training - REP's Accredited burlesque for fitness, Lara is keen to go on and hold burlesque fitness classes to help enhance and promote confidence and build self esteem in women, taking it into the mind spirit and body industry

Georgette Devine -
Claire who has a formal dance back ground teaching Dance who is already qualified in ANATD AADA Ballet Tap and modern dance and British Cheerleading Association Level 3, still found the course challenging and yet very rewarding learning the techniques and sexy art of the Burlesque Dance and for fitness and is keen to be introducing these techniques to her dance students soon
Impromptu small interview video, from three of the November group training to become instructors in Burlesque for fitness and performance

Visit the website for booking and more information – this is the next fitness dance craze to hit the gyms

Monday 14 November 2011

Danceathon 2011 MacMillan Cancer charity dance event

Pole Passion yet again thrilled to support the cancer charity event with dance presentations in Pole, Burlesque and can can dance supporting the charity with £8000

Crawley's got Talent 2012 - Pole Dancer gets through to the finals

Crawley’s Got Talent
Saturday 11th February 2012
Hawth Theatre Crawley West Sussex

Kay Penney owner of Pole Passion is delighted to see her once student, now advanced Pole fitness instructor, Paula Bines, of Pole Passion, who has become a Pole dance & fitness expert and Instructor who has been poling for fitness and confidence for over 3 years. Paula has worked hard from a beginner student and now upto advanced instructor status, winning the hearts and soles of the panel of judges on Friday 4th November. she has won a prestigious place in the finals demonstrating her unique strength and skill.

Paula will be delighted to be alongside singers and dancers, beat boxers and body popping, as they will all be show casing their talents.

Auditions for Crawleys Got Talent took place over many days. Organisers saw almost 180 acts, over 9 days in 8 neighbourhoods across the town. The judges, including Tilgate’s Elliott Growney; a final year music student at Chichester University, Arts Development Officer Jo Joseph and representatives from Crawley Lions, Crawley Young Persons Council and Vision in Youth Collective have now whittled the performers down to just 20 fabulous acts.

Paula found pole fitness an excellent way three years ago, to help overcome her lack of body confidence, having been bullied as a school child she has had major challenges to overcome her body confidence issues and to be able to perform at the Hawth will be an amazing achievement in Paula's life. She and Kay now begin hard training to help with her stage presence and to continue to develop Paula's confidence.
Please show your support for Paula and email her on - for more information about Pole Fitness In Crawley at Nuffield Health, where Paula teaches

The finalists are:
• Melissa Ste Marie:Female vocalist from Bewbush
• Aaron Murphy-Harrison: Male vocalist from Broadfield
• Stephen Bloy: Male vocalist from Broadfield
• Adison: Street dancer from Gossops Green
• Del Grubb: Male vocalist from Broadfield
• Euphoric Dance Company: dance team based in Southgate
• Fever: Choir from all over Crawley
• Heather Illidge: FCmale vocalist from Broadfield
• Katrina Ireland: Female vocalist from Northgate
• Krystal Gob: Beatboxer from Tilgate
• Lucia Portugal: Girl vocalist from Tilgate
• Sean Corrie: Interpretive dance from Bewbush
• Never Ending Story: Female vocalist from Northgate
• Old Friends: Acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies from Northgate
• Owen Baker: Maori art of poi from Furnace Green
Paula Red Bines : Pole Passion fitness routine from Tilgate
• Robin Porter: Classical Pianist from Maidenbower
• Shreeya Patel: Bollywood dance from Langley Green
• Toby Hawkins: Male vocalist from Pound Hill

The main sponsors being Crawley Happy times who will be filming the event
CYPC (Crawley’s Young Persons Council)
Crawley Borough Council –

To book tickets for the Grand Final at The Hawth call The Hawth Box Office on 01293 553636 or visit

Paula 'Red' Bines seen here at the award ceremony with Krystal Gob

Friday 4 November 2011

Pole Dancing in the mountains! R-pole the most portable free standing pole in the world

Kat 'PoleKitty' Humphrey climbed Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK with the new Portable Fitness Pole by RPole ( in her backpack!

Kat is an adrenaline junky and also a lecturer at Nottingham University!!

She is the first known person to pole dance on a mountain (certainly Ben Nevis)! She did it to raise money for three cancer charities
– Breast Cancer Care,
- Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust,
- and Ovarian Cancer Action.

Last year Kat completed the Tough Guy Challenge, known as the world’s toughest assault course, involving ice lake swims, mud slides, barbed-wire crawls, under-water tunnels, electric fences and fields of fire!
In November 2011 Kat is cycling 400km across Kenya in 5 days and pole dancing in the Kenyan desert again using the portable RPole!

Kat is trying to raise £2,800 for the three cancer charities she supports
Please contact us at Pole Passion if you would like to support Kat in her quest to support cancer charities

Kat recently is involved in pole sport innovation linked with the REP's accredited instructor training delivered by international training providers Pole Passion

Pole Passion's Christmas tickets now on sale December 3rd Smugglers in Brighton

Pole & Burlesque Christmas Party in Brighton is definitely for those who love to dress up: Enjoy an evening of performances and dancing

Pole Passion Presents the Polers Christmas Party 2011

This party includes:
• Pole & Burlesque themed party in our Private Studio in Brighton
• Themed decorated studio
• Learn to ‘Bump & Grind' on the dance floor!
• Dressing up essential
• Photo Opportunities all night so don’t forget your camera

What To Wear: Burlesque clothing the glam the glits... go for glamour ladies & Gents!

Time: 7pm onwards - 2am

Date: 3rd December Saturday

Venue: Smugglers Bar Loft , 10 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AD

Cost: £31.50 pp ticket discounts available for pole and burlesque dancers

Jess Norris ~ Miss Pole Dance UK professional champion will be show casing too amongst other artist and a jazz singer DJ music all evening

call 0871 318 3838 for more information and group booking discounts

Jenyne Butterfly supports World Pole sport & Fitness 2011

Jenyne Butterfly Judges and support World Pole Dance 2011 World Pole Sport & Fitness

Jenyne seen here with Loic Lebret - Franch National Champion and finalist in the men's division 2011 Budapest World Pole Sport & Fitness championships and on the judging bench at World Pole Sport & Fitness 2011 Budapest

Jenyne, also known as Butterfly, has been a professional pole dancer for 10 years.
She first began pole dancing, which then led her to other circus aerial apparatus and it was
then she truly discovered her love for flying.
The focus of her life became performance art and she moved to Las Vegas. Jenyne acquired positions performing in the shows Le Reve (produced by Cirque du Soleil director Dragone) and for world famous DJ’s such as Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, and David Guetta.

She teaches and performs on trapeze, hoop, fabric, rope, hammock, straps, bungee, and she created the first female aerial pole act. Jenyne won the inaugural US Pole Dance Federation Champion in 2008 and then placed 2nd in the World in 2009 at World Pole Sport & fitness championships

She is actively involved in instructional workshops, performances, hosting
special events, and judging competitions.

Jenyne recently visited places such as Australia, Russia, Canada, England, Scotland, Italy, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Caribbean. Jenyne is an innovative mentor in pole safety and fitness programs, as well as federations supporting the growth of pole dance. She is honored to be recognized for her passionate and dedicated leadership in this amazing industry.

Her warm and friendly approach to all is her speciality and why she is an intergral part of World Pole Dance and its organisation.

information from Pole Passion UK

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Rpole New and Innovative designs October 2011 with lights

Call 01293 888 200 or email ''.

RPole will be releasing NEW products soon – To be the first to be updated with the latest offers and products all you have do is like the official R-Pole Fitness page on Facebook.!/pages/R-Pole-Fitness/105051326530

Here is a sneak peak of products to come

First Aid For Pole Fitness and Dancing presented by Pole Passion the leaders in pole safety

First Aid –

Accidents happen, especially during sports. While it may be possible to limit the number and severity of injuries with injury prevention strategies, one wrong step or accidential slip can result in a sudden, painful injury.

Someone may have an accident and lose consciousness, someone could even go into shock, would you know what to do? When this happens, you need to be prepared to act quickly. What you do in the next 3 minutes could save someone’s life!

Next Annual Date: Saturday 12th November 2011
Duration: 6 hours 9.45am registration – 5.00pm
Delegates will each receive professional tuition, first aid book, literature, pen, paper, & a 3 year certification

Maidenbower Community Sports Centre,
Oriel High School,
Maidenbower Lane,
Crawley, West Sussex
RH10 7XW

The course cost is £90 per person less than £3 per month. (This is had been reduced from last year)

Call 01293 888 200 or email ''.

The NEW Pole Dancing R Pole hard base with lights

Monday 24 October 2011

The History of World Pole Dance

Pole Passion Presents The History of World Pole Dance

In 2004 the first World Pole Dance champion was crowned in Holland name unknown at this time
Yvengenia S

In 2005 World Pole Dance was held in Holland again
Elena Gibson from the UK was crowned but was then disqualified the following day by the organiser John Benner due to the controversial ‘stripping’ rule
Reiko Suemune of Japan who came second therefore took the crown

The History of Miss Pole Dance UK
Miss Pole Dance UK 2005/06 – Elena Gibson
Miss Pole Dance UK 2006/07 – Tracey Simmonds
Miss Pole Dance UK 2007/08 – Sally Anne Giles
Miss Pole Dance UK 2008/9 – Alesia Vazmitsel
Miss Pole Dance UK 2009/10 – Maxine Betts
Miss Pole Dance UK 2011/12 – Jess Leanne Norris

In 2009 World Pole Dance, also known as World Pole Sport & fitness was held in
Jamaica at Hedonism III
Was won by Felix Cane representing Australia

In 2010 World Pole Dance was held in
Was won by Felix Cane again for the second time representing Australia

In 2011 World Pole Dance had two new categories added and was held in
Female singles – Belarus - Alesia Vazmitsel
Male Singles – Russia – Evengy Grishilov
Synchronised doubles - Hungary - Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy

for more information visit

Pole Fitness Industry Leaders - Pole Passion World Pole Dance Miss Pole Dance Mr Pole Fitness

Pole Passion – are hiding no secrets as to being the Pole Fitness Industry leaders, innovators and pioneers not only in fun lessons, fun parties, professional national and international championships, competitions and events but also including REP’s accredited teacher training course and structures since it’s development in 2001 when the movements from the exotic dancers inspired industry pioneer Kay Penney under the banner of Pole Passion to create as a new form of fitness challenge.

Kay also is the creator of the current world stage and platform and mentor to the female world champions, Felix Cane 2009-2011, Alesia Vazmitsel 2011-2012, Evengy Grishilov the first Male World Pole Dance champion and Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy Hungarian synchronised double Winners
Pole fitness and dancing equipment too has been an amazing achievement for the company who also own and operate Rpole Fitness (with the ‘R’ standing for revolutionary)

Kay with her engineering business partner invested 5 years into the research and innovation of the first, most light weight, free standing, portable dance and fitness pole, with integral mat designed for pole fitness with no raised stage, (like that of a podium) that may prevent stretching or even sharp edges that may cause injury to a leg or other body part.

Their REP’s accredited instructor training courses set the standard in pole fitness and have continued to do so since 2006

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Tuesday 18 October 2011

World Champion Pole Dancer Alesia Vazmitsel at the Opera in Bern

World Champion Pole Dancer Alesia Vazmitsel at the Opera

Last Saturday 15th October 2011 was the premier of the new opera at the Bern`s Theatre, "The Rake`s Progress" where Alesia Vazmitsel the current World Pole Sport & Fitness champion performed her elegant Pole Dance act around the famous opera singers. Alesia commented, ‘ I was so happy to see ordinary people coming to me at the end of the show and saying how beautiful pole dance could be. I knew It `s something that they have probably never seen before and even more so they would find it more unusual to see it at the Opera too’

Male Pole Dancers create history World Pole Dance 2011 BUDAPEST

Loic had the incredible history making challenge of opening the 211 show representing the future of male pole dance and fitness world wide with his amazing costume which he designed himself and won best costume award. He was technically perfect and with his solid performance the crowd erupted with his emotive performance a phenomenal opening.
Alexandra, the eldest competitor of the championships performed a manly Chinese inspired performance using his strength to climb the pole with his pumps with his incredible leaps and drops which were breath taking.
Ferios from Mexico had a very dance inspired performance demonstrating incredible strength and flexibility.
Next up was Keem with his unique and challenging costume as a mermaid - the only performance seen with legs tied together!! his music malfunction, stopping his routine under the 3 minute rule, whilst the whole crowd gave him a standing ovation clapping to his silent rhythm encouraging him to continue. The judges gave him the opportunity to perform once more which he did to perfection the second time.
Evgeny Greshilov new to World Pole Dance merged his charisma, talent and other dance styles to his show, a combination of fun and acrobatics, dance and strength winning the hearts of the judges and crowd winning him first prize.
Davide from Italy performed a circus inspried theatre style performance as a joker.
Matty Shields from Australia also an unknown performed for his second time after his doubles performance His Aboriginal style performance and urban dance style created a unique, entertaining and fluid performance, a great start to the world of Kings on the pole.

Synchronised Doubles World Pole Dance champions 2011

Synchronised doubles NEW category for world Pole Dance championships 2011

Barbara Palmaffy and Ilka Bardóczy Hungarian Winners
seen here standing at the back

An incredible opening show from the Japanese male and female doubles wearing white costumes, demonstrating incredible spinning routines from one hand, where Masayo was suspended in the air with the palm of Kasuya's hand.
Next up was Kate and Kate from the UK with their fun suspensions and jokey performance using innovative combinations and mime suspensions from the neck creating a powerful performance. Barbara and Ilka from Hungary danced to Tears of a Dragon, a risk of a song as former world champion Felix Cane also used that song in her championship performance, they partnered shoulder to shoulder with incredible balance, both with equal strength and being flyers throughout their routine with creative new shapes, beautiful creativity and a perfect performance winning them first prize.
Cecilia and Ana from Argentina wearing a silver costume both red and white, had dramatic and moody music demonstrating suspensions away from the pole. They started in 2010 for fun and with hard training created their routine together.
The fifth competitors Michelle and Matty a mixed double had a superb acro balance beginning with incredible strength from both competitors melting and merging as one they have only been performing for 6 months together.
Last up was the Russian couple Olga and Valentina which had an operatic feel and movement to their presentation winning the best costume award for their category.

Zsuzsa Csisztu Olympic Gymnast representing World Pole Dance 2011

Zsuzsa Csisztu

World Pole Sport & fitness championships in Budapest 2011 October 01st was proud to have Zsuzsa Csisztu as their compare, she is perhaps the most well-known former gymnast in Hungary.
Granted, her fame is not because of her gymnastics career, but rather because she is now a famous TV sports announcer for a commercial television channel in Hungary
Zsuzsa studied the rules and regulations and worked with the team making positive suggestions for the future and Olympic improvements which will be implemented in 2012

Monday 17 October 2011

World Pole Dance the scores and placings of the best pole dancers in the world

World Pole Dancing Champions all set to enter the Olympics

New category - synchronised doubles running order (on two static competition Rpoles - one 38mm- one 50mm Rpole)
113 1.Masayo Okamoto, Kazuya Japan
122.5 2.Kate Johnstone & Bendy Kate United Kingdom 2nd Place
126.5 3.Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy Hungary 1st Place
106.5 4.Ana Laura Brito & Cecilia Ines Vozza Argentina
119.5 5.Michelle Shimmy & Matty Shields Australia 3rd Place 116 6.Olga Gordienko & Valintina Chervakova Russia

Best Pole tricks Ilka Martina Bardoczy & Barbara Palmaffy - Hungary
Best Entertainer Kate Johnstone & Bendy Kate – UK
Best outfit/costume Olga & Valentine – Russia

Male competitors in running (one spinning 38 Competition Rpole – one static 50mm Competition Rpole)
141 1.Loic Lebret France 3rd place
105.5 2.Alejandro Cuchallo Argentina
119 3.Fernando Esteban Lopez Avelar (Ferios) Mexico
153 4.Keem Martinez United Kingdom 2nd Place
173 5.Evgeny Greshilov RUSSIA 1st place
111.5 6.Davide Zongoli Italy
138.5 7.Matty Shields Australia

Best Pole tricks Evgeny – Russia
Best Entertainer Evgeny - Russia
Best outfit/costume Loic – France

Female singles (one spinning 38 Competition Rpole – one static 50mm Competition Rpole)

Joining last year’s No 2 seed – In running order

185.5 1 Maria Luz Escalante – Argentina
Group A
181.0 2 Elena Shishkova – Russia
197.0 3 Karry Summers – New Zealand
172.5 4 Valeria Bonalume - Italy
Group B
168.0 5 Yevgeniya Stocklin – Switzerland
188.0 6 Angela Kulegina – Russia
178.5 7 Elizabeth Munoz – South America
Group C
220.5 8 Alesia Vazmitsel – Belarus 1st Place
202.0 9 Alessandra Marchetti – Italy
170.5 10 Shanyn Pollard – Canada
Group D
212.0 11 Laurence Hilsum – France 2nd Place
206.0 12 Zoroya Judd – USA
206.5 13 Hanka Venselaar – Holland 3rd Place

Best Pole tricks Hanka - Holland
Best Entertainer Zoroya - USA
Best outfit/costume Alesia Vazmitsel - Belarus

International finals judges
Kay Penney - Head Judge UK
Alma Pirner - Hungary
Pippa Caesar - UK move syntax
Reiko Suemune - Japan
Fawnia Dietrich - USA
Jamilla Deville - Australia
Daniela Baumann - Switzerland
Jenyne Butterfly - USA