Monday 18 August 2008

Pole Fitness Uniform

Pole Fitness Uniform
In response to Sam Remmer's Blog from the Art of Dance and with reference to Glamourpuss and the Volley Ball Olympic uniform - what are we worrying about girls!! Let's be proud of who we are and who we consistantly inspire on a daily basis.. our response to Sam's uniform blog:

Hi Sam, great to discover and identify a 'pole fitness' uniform which can obviously be accentuated with wrist sweat bands, used sometimes instead of gloves to absorb the moisture from the palms of the hands by wiping the hand across the band during a transition move or pose, not recommended during mid spin or invert! Leg warmers again have been supported by some pole fitness professionals, however these may inhibit climbing and secure ankle gripping (used in tricks such as, the ankle release and inverted hand stand for example). The introduction of gloves is a brilliant idea and have been in use by many pole fitness professionals and more and more participants are definitely using them with our pole school. Gloves are very much an important consideration for a much safer grip which in turn creates more confidence for the participant which will increase a more speedy progression.
As for the snap and spin... Pantera will hopefully be coming October time to teach all!! Watch this space

See you all soon.. Hugs
Kay @ Pole Passion