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Jess Leanne Norris tells all, how she prepared to take the title once more - Miss Pole Dance UK Double FIRST PLACE title winner

Jess Leanne Norris, Miss Pole Dance UK Professional champion, tells all how she prepared to take the title the second time.  The only person in the UK to do this so far at Miss Pole Dance UK

1/ What does this win mean to you?
I’m So Happy!!! Winning this Year’s Miss Pole Dance means a lot to me! I always wanted to compete in this competition again to hopefully win the title back! & I’m so Chuffed I did it!!!
2/ How old were you when you first got into pole fitness?
I was 14 when I got a Pole up at Home and started Self Teaching through watching Videos on YouTube.
3/ What was the hardest thing about performing?
I think the hardest thing about performing this routine was how much pressure I put on myself to do well, I felt so nervous on the day! but as soon as I’d finished, I just wanted to get back on Stage to do it all over again! Ha!
4/ How did you feel when your name was announced as this year’s winner?
I can’t quite put it into Words how I felt!! I was so happy and Proud of my little self!! All the Hard Work paid off!!
5/ What is your next step from this competition?
No Rest for the Wicked as My next Goal is the World Championships!!
6/ Do you have a favourite move?
My Favourite Pole Move overall would be the Eagle! Its Such a Pretty move!! But the one I do like to Perform the Most would be the Scorpio Cocoon!
7/ How do you prepare for such a big performance?
Once I knew I wanted to compete, I started Training EVERY Day! Working on different Moves and Combos to figure out what I wanted to put in my routine, then 6 Weeks before the day, I started putting the Routine together to Work on My Stamina. The Week of Comp I Trained My Routine 2x a Day, in the Morning then Again in the Evening.
8/ What was your favourite part of your Miss Pole Dance UK experience?
I actually couldn't point out one thing… As I loved the Whole Experience!! I really enjoyed teaching My Workshop in the Morning as everyone did AMAZING and was Such a Pleasure to Teach!! Being Backstage was such a Chilled Atmosphere & everyone was so Supportive of one another! Then being on that Stage with all those Flashing Spot Lights and hearing Everyone Cheering was so surreal!!

9/ What would you change if you could relive the whole thing all over again from deciding to enter to being announced winner on day?
Well… There was One Trick in My routine that I wasn’t overly confident about and was still practising it on the day! Which made me feel even more nervous than normal! So if I’d change anything I would have practised that move a lot, lot more!
10/ Do you have a special diet to help you train?
I don’t have a Special diet to help me train as such, I just try to eat Healthy! I’d rather have ABS than Eat Take-Always and Cakes etc.. ;-)
11/ Has pole changed your life? If so how?
Pole has completely taken over my life! I Live & Breathe it!! I run my own studio which is a 24/7 job as well as training most days, Travelling Teaching My Workshops and Performing… Pole is Full time for me, but I wouldn't change it for the World!! It’s My Dream!
12/ What does Pole Dance/Fitness mean to you?
(Think I have explained this in the question above)
13/ Who or what motivates you?
My Pole Friends keep me Motivated! I don’t like training on my own as it can be Boring! So training with the Girls Keeps me going!!
14/ Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Felix Cane was my very first Inspiration! I loved watching her performances and was always in complete Awe!! And still am, she really is something else!!  But there are just SO Many good polers out there now, Men, Woman and Kids!! That all keep my Inspired with all their Pics and Videos that go up on the Internet!!
15/ Have you ever felt like giving it all up?
Oh I couldn’t count on 2x hands at how many times I’ve wanted to give it all in! Mainly when I’ve had a Bad training session or when I can’t get a Certain Move first time!! Ha!  When I’m having one of those days, I just go home, have a Nice Hot bath and Chill out!
16/What words of advice would you give to people just coming into the world of Pole?
My Advice to Anyone New to Pole is to be Patient… Pole is HARD! The more Effort and time you put into it, the quicker you Progress! It isn’t Easy! But Most of all… to just enjoy the Journey!!! :-D
Thank you!!!
Jess xxxx


Saturday 21 November 2015

Do professional pole dancers bruise?

Do professional pole dancers bruise? - most certainly they do

Bruises, or ecchymoses, are a discoloration and tenderness of the skin or mucous membranes due to the leakage of blood from an injured blood vessel into the tissues.
There are three types of bruises:
1. Subcutaneous -- beneath the skin,
2. Intramuscular -- within the belly of the underlying muscle
3. Periosteal -- bone bruise
Bruises can last from days to months, with the bone bruise being the most severe and painful.

Bruises change colours over time in a predictable pattern, so that it is possible to estimate when an injury occurred by the colour of the bruise. Initially, a bruise will be reddish, the colour of the blood under the skin. After one to two days, the red blood cells begin to break down, and the bruise will darken to a blue or purplish colour. This fades to green at about day six. Around the eighth or ninth day, the skin over the bruised area will have a brown or yellowish appearance, and it will gradually diminish back to its normal colour.

Causes & symptoms
Most pole inflicted bruises are pretty superficial and clear up quickly. Just try not to aggravate the damaged area.  Allow your body to repair itself. Bruising can be a common problem, particularly when students are just starting out pole fitness and dancing and are more focused on the tricks and advanced spins. Pole dancing relies substantially on soft parts of the body that aren’t designed for heavy pressure or to suspend your total body weight off the floor in beautiful poses. Healthy people may develop bruises from any injury that doesn't break through the skin. Vigorous exercise may also cause bruises due to bringing about small tears in blood vessels walls. In a condition known as purpura simplex, there is a tendency to bruise easily due to an increased fragility of the blood vessels.
Bruises also develop easily in the elderly, because the skin and blood vessels have a tendency to become thinner and more fragile with aging, and there is an increased use of medications that interfere with the blood clotting system. In the condition known as purpura senilis, the elderly develop bruises from minimal contact that may take up to several months to completely heal.

Check a students medical history
The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve) may lead to increased bruising. Aspirin, antidepressants, asthma medications, and cortisone medications also have this effect. The anti-clotting medications also known as blood thinners, especially the drug warfarin (Coumadin), may be the cause of particularly severe bruising.
Sometimes bruises are connected with more serious illnesses. There are a number of diseases that cause excessive bleeding or bleeding from injuries too slight to have consequences in healthy people. An abnormal tendency to bleed may be due to hereditary bleeding disorders, certain prescription medications, diseases of the blood such as leukemia, and diseases that increase the fragility of blood vessels. If there are large areas of bruising or bruises develop very easily, this may herald a problem. Other causes that should be ruled out include liver disease, alcoholism, drug addiction, and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Bruising is usually a minor problem, which does not require a medical diagnosis. However, faced with extensive bruising, bruising with no apparent cause, or bruising in certain locations, a physician will pursue an evaluation that will include a number of blood tests. If the area of the bruise becomes hard, an x ray may be required.
1. Place ice on the bruise to help it heal faster and to reduce swelling. Place the ice in a cloth -- DO NOT place ice directly on the skin. Apply the ice for up to 15 minutes per hour.
2. Keep the bruised area raised above the heart, if practical. This helps keep blood from pooling in the bruised tissue.
3. If needed, take acetaminophen (Tylenol) to help reduce pain.
First Aid
Treatment of your pole bruises
Several types of topical applications are usually recommend to speed healing and to reduce the pain associated with bruises.
1. Vitamin K cream can be applied directly to the site of injury.
2. Astringent herbs such as witch hazel, Hamamelis virginiana, can be used. This will tighten the tissues and therefore diminish the bruising.
3. Arnica montana,The homeopathic remedy, can be applied as a cream or gel to unbroken skin.
4. Try to rest the bruised body part by not overworking your muscles in that area
5. If your bruising is more severe, place an ice pack on the affected area to reduce pain and swelling. Leave it on for up to 15 minutes per hour, several times a day.
The human skin and tissue is not specifically designed for pressure that sometimes pole technique requires and what is more it is difficult to wear much protective clothing too as it is your skin that keeps you stuck to the pole.
Luckily bruising does decrease as you get better at pole dancing, and the tips below should help reduce the problem.
Practice, like in any other form of exercise, makes perfect, whereby preventing injury.  The more you practice the easier it is to get into pole positions without putting stresses on the body.  Skin and underlying muscles become slightly toughened and thicker without any visual physical changes.

How to avoid bruises when pole dancing
Here are some tips for avoiding, or at least reducing, bruising on and around a pole.
Take it slowly. Repeating the same move again and again is much more likely to bruise an areas you maybe stressing. Vary the moves you are learning so your body has a chance to recover.
Never Jump into a move if possible to prevent force and that initial knock
Carefully study each new move closely before you ‘leap’ on to the pole. If possible place your arms, legs and body in position, identify your pole grips and pressure points first.
If you are learning a new move, try walking it through slowly first. If it’s an invert, see whether you can practice it on the ground by placing you upper back on the floor and place your legs around the pole, to identify where your body should be positioned.
Hold very tightly on the pole with your hand and leg grip when you’re learning a new move. If you don’t hold on tightly enough you may start to slide which will cause bruising
Make sure the pole is slip free when you are practicing a new move to secure your strong grip.
Long boots help to prevent bruising by protecting the skin on the pole
Is bruising a problem?
No as long as you follow the instruction of your Qualified Pole Instructor.  Visually the bruise can look unsightly so remember go slow and never train with bruising.


Pole Passion Pole Sport & Fitness Teacher Training - Russia 2016

20th & 21st February 2016
Foundation Certificate in
Teacher Training in Pole

Pole Instructor training centre of excellence for Pole Passion
Instructor Training

Pole Studio address
VENUE address: (Russian):
г.Одинцово, Можайское шоссе,д.130.
Спортивно-танцевальная студия "ФЕНИКС"

(English): Odintsovo,
shosse, 130.
Sports and Dance Studio "FENIX".

Registration for students will be on Saturday 20th February
9:00 – 9.30am at the above address

Foundation Course:
Day 1 – Saturday 20th February
Check in and registration 9.00am
9:30am – 6.00pm morning theory/afternoon practical
Day 2 – Sunday 21st February
9:00am – 6.00pm morning theory/afternoon practical plus

Day 1
You will be introduced to the practical and theory side of Pole fitness
Your booklets will be emailed and course materials will be given to you beforehand.
You will have to print them out and bring them with you.
Please be dressed in fitness attire and bring shorts and long leggings and a warm top as the course will be a combination of theory and practical sections throughout the day.

Day 2
Continuation of the Work book Plus
3 hours practical assessment plus
45 minutes written exam where short answers will be required, all questions are covered in day 1 and morning of day 2

Any queries about the course content please contact Elena Artamonova on email:   elena.artamonova@passion-fitness.com  or theteam@passion-fitness.com

Please note: these details are subject to change

Additional information
(+7) 929-577-8559


You will be able to receive a discount on all RPole purchased and we now promote and sell the new stainless and allergy free poles from Lupit Poles – please visit the online shop to order your poles/s



Dani Hibbert Pole Passion Littlehampton tells all

Dani Hibbert Pole Passion Littlehampton

1. How did you get into pole
I used to find going to the gym so boring and tried looking for another more fun way of getting fit.  I thought about Zumba and yoga then came across Pole Passion and thought why not try something new. Since then I've never looked back.

2. Why pole and not the gym
Pole combines my love of dance and gymnastics with a means of getting fit. I now also love going to the gym in order to help improve my pole fitness.

3. What’s your favourite pole move
Hmm choosing a favourite pole move is tricky because it changes so regularly. I do love handsprings though.. all types.

4. When did you get into pole?
It's been nearly 3 wonderful years.

5. Sexy or fitness or both?
Fitness ... I love watching my strength develop and seeing how far I have come. Though don't get me wrong... nothing wrong with a bit of sexy every now and again.

6. Least favourite pole move?
Yogini .. the only move I sigh at. I'm determined to make myself love it though.

7. What are your favourite pole spins?
Big fan of spin combos/ reverse grabs and thread the needle spin.

8. Favourite Celebrity and why?
Id have to say Channing Tatum... he's just Beautiful and he can dance!!

9. Who or what motivates you?
Thankfully there is no lack of motivation in my life.. my family, my friends, my students, the pole greats, the vision in my head of how good I can be if I work for it and my sheer determination. These are the things that keep me going when I feel like I could stop..

10. Interests outside of pole?
I'm into everything. Love trying new things. Secret adrenaline junkie. I enjoy baking cakes, watching films, reading books and spending time with my loved ones. I also want to see the world so travel whenever I can!!

Any other comments or points of interest or any other hobbies or businesses you want to promote

I love teaching and can't say how proud I am when my girls nail moves. Watching them progress is a beautiful thing. So often they don't believe in themselves but that's what my job is. To believe in them and show them what they are really capable of.

I still remember my first ever student.. her name was Maisie and I'm overwhelmed to be able to say she is now my apprentice and one of my closest friends. Watching her progress and turning into a wonderful instructor is so exciting.


Saturday 14 November 2015

Pole Passion Grading syllabus

A fantastic turn out for the grading held on 7th November 2015 at Pole Passion Worthing where 24 students and instructors progressed to their next level in front of an audience and for many this was the very first time of performing in front of family and friends.
Each level has a set criteria and time to perform ad is a way of learning routines and performing confidence setting them up to future pole competitions and performing

The next grading is organised for March 2016


Haywards Heath Pole Fitness Open day - Pole Passion everyone welcome

What to look for when starting pole fitness classes - QUALIFICATIONS, INSURANCE and EXPERIENCE

1. We can’t stress enough – QUALIFICATIONS, INSURANCE and EXPERIENCE


Naturally all instructors have to starts somewhere but do check how long they have been practicing and teaching pole dance or fitness.  There is no excuse as to why an instructor is not pole fitness REP’s accredited pole qualified. Without this qualification there is a very good chance they are not insured either – so do ask your instructor if you have any doubt – they could be teaching you something that could cause an immediate  injury OR an injury that could appear later on.
Also check out an instructor’s back ground, if they have experience in another form of  dance or Pilates back ground, for example, they will have a better understanding of the bodies biomechanics than someone who doesn’t have any other former fitness or dance background
Pole techniques can be adapted in many ways – so do check how your instructor likes to teach

Here are some ideas:-
Tricks, Spins, Poses, Transitions - for fitness only (removing the sexy side and flow of pole !)
Tricks, Spins, Poses, Transitions - for fitness & dance incorporating the sexy side too
Dance – Pole choreography and Pole dance routines increasing cardio fitness
With heels, trainers or bare feet
Pole Tricks only
Body Conditioning - moves on and off the pole
Body strength  - moves on and off the pole
Pole Bands – strength training using conditioning bands on the pole

2. Venue and poles used
There are many good poles on the market now but unfortunately there are many poles that wouldn’t support your weight with the tricks and spins we teach in class- so chose your pole wisely

we at Pole Passion recommend the portability of the RPole - www.r-polefitness.com

For more information about pole fitness classes visit the website to see if a class is in your area

Kay Penney second underwater pole photo shoot on the Rpole, the world's most portable pole www.r-polefitness.com

Kay Penney second underwater pole photo shoot on the Rpole the world's most portable pole  www.r-polefitness.com

1) Have you ever done an underwater pole shoot before?

Yes I did my first underwater shoot on the Pole Passion camp in Spain in 2011 where the water was freezing.  This time the UK swimming pool was much better

How did this shoot compare?
My first shoot was amazing because it was something that had never been achieved before and I love pioneering pole fitness in different situations

My love of water
My desire to be a synchronised swimmer and it was something that had never been done before was an added bonus  and that it was achieved with the portable RPOLE

This recent shoot was more organised
There were more taking part and above all we had a professional camera man enabling a 90 minutes shoot rather than a 15 minute shoot

2) Did you have specific moves planned for the shoot?

I had certain ideas but like with all
My shoots I tend to have more than required outfits and love the freestyle and in provision of the shoot

3) Do you feel the Water made it harder or easier to achieve poses? Why?

The water was certainly a challenge but for me whilst the moves were easier to accomplish t was harder in the sense you had the challenge of controlled breathing going upside down and I opted to do it without goggles and a nose clip
So more than often it went up
My nose making it extremely uncomfortable

4) Do you feel happy with how the shoot went?

Yes thought I would have liked to have seen the pictures along the way and would have liked longer on the pole

5) If you do another underwater photo shoot what would you change?
I would research underwater eyelash glue !!
They fell off within the first 10 minutes
I would research underwater lipstick  

6) What preparation would you suggest for somebody looking to do an underwater photo shoot who hasn't done one before?

Chose dark colours
Pale colours don't look as striking underwater
Go for flowing material
Take your time
Dare to be different

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Id like to thank the photographer Radek Gora for his patience and bringing his underwater equipment to make the shoot such a success

From David Skda - Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion

1. It was my first underwater photoshoot and was amazing.
2. Yes , i had few.
3. I think the fact of being under water makes this a difficult thing to do because you cant stay on the pole for really long time and you need to get in to the moves very fast, and get 100% the moves. The next thing is that sometimes you are losing orientation ( up and down)
4. Yes i am very happy :-) but i think next one will be even better for me because i know more now and know how to get everything better and faster.
5. The tips I would like to mention are - Get the moves ready before and try get them in the first try , try to not to play with , just get fast what i need , what i planed :)
6. If it is your first photoshoot under the water, don't try to do complicated figures, be confident in water. Try to do some training underwater before shoot.

Hope my answers are helpful :-)
Big kiss to all the Pole Passion team who organised the event

Best regards David and Nikki

To hire or rent an RPole please contact Pole Passion
Emil: theteam@passion-fitness.com

The first Pole Dance World Championships,the foundations of Pole Sport & Fitness www.worldpoledance.com

The first documented and foundations of Pole Sport and Fitness Championships - named Miss Pole Dance World
As part of the judging panel in Amsterdam on Friday 11th November 2005  ten years on, its pronominal to see how the industry has grown and progressed

Pantera Blacksmith USA 

Tammy Morris - Canada

Sabrina Pankow - Germany

Pantera Blacksmith - USA

There were nine contestants

Reiko Suemune - Japan - Winner
Fadance - Germany
Nancy Van Der Horst - Germany
Gwendy Bosmans - Belgium
Elena Gibson - United Kingdom
Tammy Morris -  Canada - Best Pole Tricks
Nina Schulte - Dutch
Pantera Blacksmith - USA
Sabrina Pankow - Germany

The Jury were

Naomi Sasprodredjo
Nathalie Visser
Kay Penney
Vincent Sporkslede
Matthew O'Sullivan

The competition was set on 2 x 50mm one static one spinning pole
6 meters high!!

Clothing acceptable in 2005 was
Bikinis, skirts, hot pants but strictly no G-stings!!
Acceptable footwear were sandals and platform shoes but strictly no boots of any length

The gentleman's name who was the organiser was John Humphrey Benner and the camera man was Jan Otten

The venue was Escape Night Club Amsterdam which is still running today

Visit Pole Passion to purchase the DVD's   http://polepassion.com/products/

email: theteam@passion-fitness.com

Michael Donohoe - Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015 - 2016 Champion interview

Michael Donohoe - Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015- 2016 Champion
Learn more about Michael and his win www.mrpolefitness.com

1: Winning Mr Pole Fitness UK 2015 means so much to me. I had a goal to win the competition since last year and to have reached my goal has been an amazing feeling.

2: I have been doing pole for a little over 3 years now. So I was just gone 30 when I started.

3: The hardest thing about performing is always dealing with the pre comp nerves. I use a number of breathing techniques to help me stay calm and focused. The more competitions I do the easier it gets but the nerves will always be there.

4: To hear my name announced as the winner was the greatest feeling ever. I have won a few competitions and the feeling never gets old.This time however it was even better as I really was focused and determined to win. It was a feeling of all my hard work had payed off.

5: I will take it easy for the rest of this year. I will be training a lot but more about experimenting with new tricks and movements. I have plans to compete in a number of competitions next year but just have not selected which ones yet.

6: I have so many favorite moves but the one that stands out most i guess is Skyline. I just love the power and shape of it. Also it was a trick i always wanted since i saw it and it took me a long time to learn and perfect.

7: Preparing for a competition is all about planning as far as I'm concerned. Gauging the time you have to the time of the comp and planning the weeks/months out. I have a specific plan of action which i always use which gives me the optimum time to structure the routine, develop it and have enough time pre competition to run through it. For example i always have the routine finished 3 weeks before time. So that gives me 3 weeks of run through training. Its quiet detailed and complex to explain the whole process now.

8: My favorite part really is the banter and fun backstage with all the other competitors. There is such a great atmosphere and so much support between us all. It makes the competition really special and I always remembered this since doing the same comp last year.

9: I wouldn't change anything about the day. Well maybe not falling out of my Brass Monkey Flip. HaHa!! I had done this trick a hundred times but unfortunately slipped on the day. Other than that nothing to change at all.

10: As far as diet goes I am a Vegan. So i don't consume any animal products at all. no meat, dairy or eggs. So I just eat a well balanced diet of grains, legumes, pulses, fruits and vegetables. I wouldn't drink any alcohol pre comp and avoid any processed sugary foods. This plan works very well for me.

11: Pole has changed my life. It brought me into a world where i met my beautiful girlfriend Terri Walsh, working in an amazing pole studio Fierce Fitness Dance Studio, many new friends and a chance to travel and see more of the world. It really is an amazing industry to be a part of and i wouldn't have it any other way.

Michael will be joining the Pole Passion team in Budapest 2016 and offering masterclasses and 121 sessions
Please email us for availability, we will be offering Accredited Pole Instructor Training, Instruction in Pole Dancing, Fitness and flexibility training.

For more information please visit www.polepassion-events.com or
Email: theteam@passion-fitness.com

Foundation Pole Sport Teacher Training and Advanced Inverts & Spotting Teacher Training - May 2015 - Budapest

Arrive Budapest Thursday 28th April 2016

Pole Passion presents
Pole Fitness: International Certification, Accreditation & Instructor Training - Valid in Europe, New Zealand, South Africa & Australia.

Elena Artamonova - Russia, Kay Penney - United Kingdom, Yvette Dusol - United Kingdom, Nadia Budurusi - Romania, Livia Francis- United Kingdom, Melica Ladd - USA

Foundation Pole Teacher Training and Advanced Inverts & Spotting Friday 29th April 2016 -  Sunday 3rd May 5.30pm

(Instructor Training times to be confirmed )

Please call Angela on +44 (0) 7921 948 606  or email
theteam@passion-fitness.com  for more information.

Foundation Instructor Training course & certification is  £399GBP  without accommodation
(£499GBP with accommodation).

If you want to carry on and do pole retreat for the week, the total price for training and weeks retreat enquire for a price

What’s not included: Flights (we recommend Easyjet from the UK), transfers and meals.


Email us for availability, we will be offering Accredited Pole Instructor Training, Instruction in Pole Dancing, Fitness and flexibility training.

Meet the Pole Passion Shoreham-by-Sea team owned and operated by Bella Monnery 2015

Meet the Pole Passion Shoreham-by-Sea team

Bella Monnery Owner & Founder of Pole Passion Shoreham (left)
Qualified Advanced Instructor and Grading Assessor
Martial Arts instructor
First Aid Qualified and
Shoreham-by-Sea Pole Passion Licensee and manager

Tina Nayeri (middle left)
Qualified Pole Fitness Instructor Foundation Level
Pole Passion Apprentice

Helen Hastie (middle right)
Newly appointed Pole Passion Instructor (2015)
Qualified Fitness Instructor

Sarah Grace Fulton (right)
Qualified Pole Fitness Instructor Level 1 (Foundation)
Pole Passion Apprentice

For more information about the weekly pole fitness classes please visit



Elena, Lena Shishkova from Russia, signs up for Pole Passion camp 2016

Lena Shishkova – Russia (Elena Baghira) signs up for the Pole Passion Pole Camp in Budapest for 2016 as a Master Trainer once more
We are proud to have Lena join us once more again in 2016.  Elena has always been an inspiration to many students and instructors over the years creating many of her own moves for the industry and as a fore founder of pole dance and fitness in Russia, it is amazing she is joining us once more

- Founder of Pole dance, Pole Fitness, Pole contemporary.
- International Advanced pole instructor Pole Passion Membership PPF0700310.
- Aerial straps instructor
- Stretching instructor
- Exotic dance/Strip dance instructor
- Owner of  “High Pole Dance Studio” in Moscow, Russia
- Master Trainer for Pole Passion camp since 2012 - www.polepassion-events.com

I started dancing when I was 10. I have worked as a performer since 2000. Since 2007 I started working as an instructor and choreographer in Moscow and opened the first Pole Dance Studio in Russia- www.poledance.ru I currently work as a Pole dance instructor, Aerial straps instructor, Exotic dance instructor, Pole Contemporary and Stretching instructor. And I work as an aerial silks and straps performer at “Aerial circus – theatre SIMBIOZ”.

I am a successful dance choreographer where many of my students and my work have successfully won pole dance championships and competitions. I have created a great number of new pole moves and tricksfor thepole dance community.
I took part in many showcases and competitions around the World and the first was the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship 2009 (finalist) representing Russia Pole Dance, in Jamaica promoted and held by Pole Passion.
My achievements are
- Featured Master Trainer & Pole Instructor at POLE WEEK 2012 in Budapest by Pole Passion
- Master Trainer at POLE WEEK 2013 in Budapest by Pole Passion
-      I am an organizer of the Russian pole dance competition 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2012 (www.russianpoledance.com)
-     In 2015 I was invited to perform at the Opening Ceremony of FIBA U 19 WOMEN
-     Finalist of the 1st WORLD POLE SPORT AND FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2009, Jamaica
-     MISS POLE FITNESS AWARD in Texas 2011, Dallas
-     Finalist POLE DANCING UNIVERSE 2011, Denver
-     Semi-finalist 1st WORLD CUP 2011, Rio de Janejro
-     Finalist WORLD POLE SPORT AND FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2011, Hungary, Budapest                               SILK RUNNER-UP PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2011, Hong Kong                                                       Silk Finalist PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012, Hong Kong                                                         WINNER of pole dance 2013 in Dance Legend, Ulyanovsk, Russia                                                                   SILK Professional 2nd RUNNER-UP PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2013, Hong Kong

*** Elena was invited аs a judge to
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships 2008,
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2009,
Miss Pole Dance Germany 2009,
The first Ukrainian Pole Dance Championship 2010,
The Russian Exotic dance competition 2011 in Moscow,
Pole Sport International 2011 in St-Petersburg,
Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Championships 2011,
Miss Pole Dance Ukraine Championships 2011,
Pole Battle of the Ukraine 2012

For more information please contact email: